"The Fabled" known in Japan as "Demon Roar God Beast" ( () (ごう) (しん) (じゅう) , Magōshinjū) and in some English video games as "Fiend Roar Deity Beast" is a series of cards that is part of the "Fabled" archetype. It is made up of LIGHT Beast-Type monsters with discarding effects. All "The Fabled" Synchro Monsters are Level 4, which makes it the first series that focuses specifically on Synchro Summoning with low-Levelled monsters. These monsters appear to be brainwashed by standard "Fabled" monsters, whose faces are similar to that of "Fabled Lurrie".

Similar to how "Fabled" have their archetype-theme about Fallen Angels, "The Fabled" also have their own theme. All of them represent legendary/mythical creatures of the animal kingdom.

The Fabled Card Origin Tamer's Name
The Fabled Catsith Cat sìth Heresy
The Fabled Chawa Chihuahua Breach
The Fabled Cerburrel Cerberus Malice
The Fabled Ganashia Ganesha Vio
The Fabled Kokkator Cockatrice Lust
The Fabled Kudabbi Kudan Gree
The Fabled Nozoochee Tsuchinoko (Nozuchi) Gludd
The Fabled Peggulsus Pegasus Limbo
The Fabled Rubyruda Garuda Wrath
The Fabled Unicore Unicorn Gree

Because most of these monsters gain abilities when discarded, they work well with "Dark World" archetype. Another good card to use with them is "Doppelwarrior", as their effects allow him to almost never be a dead draw.

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