The Wizard of the Forest

The cover of the book.

The Black Magician of the Forest (森の黒魔法使い Mori no Kuro Mahōtsukai) is a fairy tale book owned by Luna in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. Leo bought it in the past using the money they earned with Turbo Duels, to give it to Luna as a present. When the miasma of the Duel Dragon takes over Luna, she "enters" in the world of this fairy tale, having the illusion of the characters and story being real.



When Luna is taken over by the Duel Dragon's miasma, she starts to believe that she is the old lady of the story, her brother Leo the broken scarecrow, Yusei the black magician (and "Stardust Spark Dragon" to be the dragon the magician becomes), and Goodwin the king.


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