Terrible Omen


English name

Terrible Omen

Japanese name

T・666 (テリブル・オーメン)

Rōmaji name

Teriburu Omen

Alternate names

T 666

  • Primo

Terrible Omen or T 666 is Primo's Duel Runner.[1]

Its Japanese name is written as T 666 (T・666), but the furigana characters indicate it is to be read as "Terrible Omen" (テリブル・オーメン, Teriburu Omen).

666 is the Number of the Beast from Christianity. The "T" designation may be taken from the Terminator franchise, where the titular machines are cyborgs like the Three Pure Nobles and are given designations in the style of "T-600", "T-800", and so forth.


This Duel Runner is not registered in Sector Security's database, which led them to believe that Ghost was an intruder at the World Racing Grand Prix, when it was really Primo.[2]

This Duel Runner was later used against Bruno and Yusei Fudo.[3]. The Duel Runner was destroyed after Primo lost to Yusei.[4].

The Duel Runner was later fixed by the time Primo Dueled Jack Atlas.[5]. The Duel Runner later fuses with the other Pure Nobles' Duel Runners to form Aporia's Trinidart Ouroboros when the Nobles decided to merge into Aporia in order to defeat Yusei.[6]


5Dx107Placido Transformation

Primo merged with Terrible Omen.

Terrible Omen possesses an Over Boost system, which Primo used when he chased after Yusei and Bruno.

Primo has the ability to merge with his Duel Runner. When that occurs, Terrible Omen transforms, allowing Primo to stand on it and insert his sword to make it resemble a Duel Disk. In this form, Primo and the Terrible Omen are called "Placido Ultimate" (プラシド究極体).[7]

It also served as a component for Aporia's Duel Runner, Trinidart Ouroboros forming the middle head.

Terrible Omen normally is a 3-wheeled runner with two wheels in front, but once transformed, it becomes a two wheeled runner. It also gains piping and different connections that combine with Primo. Primo's legs disappear, creating two box shaped protrusions where his legs should be.


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