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{{ #if: {{ #pos: {{{1}}} | ]] }} | {{ #explode: {{ #explode: {{ #explode: {{{1}}} | {{!((}} | 1 }} | ]] }} | {{!}} }} | {{{1}}} }}<noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>
{{ #invoke: Autolink | unlink }}<noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>

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{{Unlink}} is a template that automatically unlinks input, and returns the target of the first link. It takes a single unnamed parameter.

Usage Edit

Code Output Notes
{{Unlink|test}} test Unlinked input shouldn't change
{{Unlink|[[test]]}} test A single link gets unlinked
{{Unlink|[[test|word]]}} test Only the link target is returned, custom link text is discarded
{{Unlink|[[test]]ing}} test Link postfixes are also discarded...
{{Unlink|[[test]] words}} test is any following text...
{{Unlink|wordy [[test]]}} test ...and any preceding text
{{Unlink|[[test]]ing some [[links]]}} test Only the first link is returned

See also Edit

  • {{Autolink}}, a template that links input while handling bold, italics, and unlinked quotes
  • {{Nolink}}, a template that prevents automatic linking by {{Autolink}}
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