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{{Ruby/split}} is used to strip text using {{Ruby}} to either just the base text or just the top text.

This can work with <ruby> markup used without {{Ruby}}, but it is recommended to use {{Ruby}} as this template won't necessarily work with different variations.


{{Ruby/split|Ruby text|top}} converts a string of ruby text to just the top text. You can also use "furi" or "furigana" instead of "top".

{{Ruby/split|Ruby text|base}} converts a string of ruby text to just the base text. Omitting "base" also does this.


  • {{Ruby|極|きょく}}{{Ruby|神|しん}}{{Ruby|皇|おう}}ロキ normally produces (きょく) (しん) (おう) ロキ.
  • {{Ruby/split|{{Ruby|極|きょく}}{{Ruby|神|しん}}{{Ruby|皇|おう}}ロキ|top}} produces きょくしんおうロキ.
  • {{Ruby/split|{{Ruby|極|きょく}}{{Ruby|神|しん}}{{Ruby|皇|おう}}ロキ|base}} produces 極神皇ロキ.
  • 13{{Ruby|人|にん}}{{Ruby|目|め}}の{{Ruby|埋|まい}}{{Ruby|葬|そう}}{{Ruby|者|しゃ}} normally produces 13 (にん) () (まい) (そう) (しゃ)
  • {{Ruby/split|13{{Ruby|人|にん}}{{Ruby|目|め}}の{{Ruby|埋|まい}}{{Ruby|葬|そう}}{{Ruby|者|しゃ}}|top}} produces 13にんめのまいそうしゃ
  • {{Ruby/split|13{{Ruby|人|にん}}{{Ruby|目|め}}の{{Ruby|埋|まい}}{{Ruby|葬|そう}}{{Ruby|者|しゃ}}|base}} produces 13人目の埋葬者
  • {{Ruby/split|ブラック・ホール|top}} produces ブラック・ホール
  • {{Ruby/split|ブラック・ホール|base}} produces ブラック・ホール

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