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{{Ruby}} is a markup template used to add Ruby annotations to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese text, without requiring verbose markup to be manually added to pages.



Results in (きょく) (しん) (おう) ロキ

Non-Japanese text must specify the language using an IETF language tag (commonly-used ones are "en" for English, "ko" for Korean, and "zh" for Chinese) via the "lang" parameter:
{{Ruby|BF|블랙페더|lang=ko}}-탱구바람 히렌

Results in BF (블랙페더) -탱구바람 히렌 (compare with how it looks without the "lang" parameter: BF (블랙페더) -탱구바람 히렌)

When used in the name or lore parameters in the card table templates, this template may create output that results in a visibly broken page layout. In such cases, {{Hide Factbox}} should be added to the top of the card page; this will hide the SMW factbox and add the page to a tracking category.

Ruby markup is styled with CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css allowing it to appear properly in Mozilla Firefox, which doesn't natively support the markup.

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