{{Portal}} is used to create portal items.


The main things to include are the image and the article being linked. These are added using two unnamed parameters. e.g. {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|16x9.svg}} produces:

To change the text displayed, while keeping the link, add another unnamed parameter after the first one. e.g. {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|Yusei|16x9.svg}} produces:

To change the size, use the size parameter. e.g. {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|16x9.svg|size=300}} produces:

To change the background color, use the bgcolor parameter. To change the border color, use the bordercolor parameter. To change the text color, use the textcolor parameter. (If you are using color coding, try to include another way of distinguishing items, as people with visual impairments may not be able to follow the color code.) Using {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|16x9.svg|bgcolor=999|bordercolor=000|textcolor=FFF}} produces:

To change the position of the text label, use the labelcorner parameter. Possible values are: top-right, top-left, bottom-right (default), bottom-left. Using {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|16x9.svg|labelcorner=top-left}} produces:

To change the position of the image details icon, use the infocorner parameter. Possible values are: top-right, top-left (default), bottom-right, bottom-left, none. The "none" option should not be used for fair use images or images whose license requires the author be attributed, as there is necessary information on the file description page which must be made available to readers. Using {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|16x9.svg|infocorner=top-right}} produces:

Note that if labelcorner and infocorner are set to the same value, labelcorner is unused and infocorner is set to bottom-right, or labelcorner is set to top-left and infocorner is unused, infocorner (if used) is ignored and instead the image details icon is positioned to prevent it from overlapping the text label (on the opposite corner from the text label). Using {{Portal|Yusei Fudo|16x9.svg|labelcorner=top-right|infocorner=top-right}} produces:

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