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{{OCG-TCG card image}} displays information about card images, including links to the card, set, rarity, and edition, as well as links to a prefix search for all images of that card and to the card's gallery page, if one exists. It also adds {{Fair use}} to card images, and in the future, may add categories as well.

This template is ready to use now, and should be added to all new card images as they are uploaded, if they are of a TCG or OCG card. While its functionality may change in the future, its usage will not, so there's no need to worry about current transclusions needing to be updated in the future.


{{OCG-TCG card image
| name    = 
| set     = 
| region  = 
| rarity  = 
| edition = 
| release = 
| alt     = 
The English name of the card.
The set prefix as displayed in the card's set number (e.g. TAEV from "TAEV-EN040").
The region the card is for. The template can accept either the two-letter region code (JP) or the region name (Japanese). If there is no region code on the card, list it as NA (for "North American region").
The card's rarity. The template can accept either the rarity abbreviation (ScR) or the full name of the rarity (Secret Rare).
Whether the card is 1st (1E), Unlimited (UE), or Limited (LE) Edition. This parameter should also be used for Duel Terminal Edition (DT) and Strategy (SC) cards.
Whether the card is an Official Proxy (OP), Giant Card (GC), Case Topper (CT), or Replica (RP). These values can also be used with the edition parameter, though using release is preferred.
Whether this is an alternate artwork version of the card. This parameter should generally not be needed.

Unused parameters should be deleted.


This template helps automate maintenance in a few ways:

  1. If one or more required parameters isn't supplied, the template outputs an error message with the name of the parameter(s). This means you can simply add "{{OCG-TCG card image}}" to an image and click "Preview" to get a list of parameters.
  2. The template checks to make sure that the value in the "name" parameter points to an actual article, and if not, notifies that the value should be checked. It then checks to make sure the value matches the article's actual name, and notifies if the match fails (this is useful when moving pages around).
  3. When correctly filled out, this template automatically identifies, tags, and categorizes card images that should be renamed to conform with the image policy, saving the tagger (and the administrator renaming the image) some work, since {{Rename media}} doesn't have to be added to or removed from the image.
  4. The template automatically detects non-PNG images and recommends that a PNG version be uploaded and the non-PNG version be tagged for deletion, as recommended by the image policy. This message can be ignored if a PNG version is not known to exist, and the user doesn't know how to create one.

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