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This is the {{Notice}} message box. It should be used sparingly and only for significant information for which a more specific template doesn't exist.

This box automatically changes its style depending on what kind of page it appears; see {{Mbox}} for details.


{{Notice |Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.}} produces:

The box can be titled with an optional |heading= (or |header=) and |style=text-align:center; can be added to center the text below it.

{{Notice |heading=Heading |style=text-align:center; |[[Lorem ipsum|Lorem ipsum (etc)]]}} produces:

The message box can also take an |image= parameter, but this is discouraged in articles. For an example of its use, see below.

Talk pages

On talk pages, {{Notice |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces:

|heading/|header also works, as well as setting the talkpage-only parameter |small=yes, which alters the template's appearance thus:

{{Notice |small=yes |header=Header |style=text-align:center; |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces ......

Setting the |image= parameter changes the image shown on the lefthand side of the template.

{{Notice |image=Stop hand nuvola.svg |heading=Heading |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces:

(Note the effect of omitting |style=text-align:center; here)

File and category pages

{{Notice |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} on a File: page would produce... ... and, on a Category: page, would produce:

Other pages

On other pages, such as those in the User:, Wikipedia: and Help: namespaces, {{Notice |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} would produce:

External links and equals signs

In most cases, external links can be used in the template without any complications. If a linkTemplate:Aside contains one or more equals signs ("Template:Padlr"), however, everything before the first sign will be interpreted as the name of a parameter. To prevent this, name the text carrying the link as the first numbered parameter:

{{Notice |1=Any text/links including "=" should now be interpreted correctly.}} produces:

Adding an image, shortcuts, etc on the righthand side

To add shortcuts, images, other templates, etc to the righthand side of the template, use |imageright=. For example, Template:Plaincode produces:

Template:Plaincode includes the {{Shortcut}}s template providing links to You and Me:

Alternate shortcut option

As an alternative to imageright, the |shortcut= (or |shortcut1=) and |shortcutTemplate:Padr= parameters (where N = 2 to 5) may be used to display shortcuts. For instance, Template:Plaincode produces:

Note: If both imageright and any of the shorcut parameters are used, the contents of imageright will override the shortcut/s. For example, Template:Plaincode produces:

Template:Notice and warning templates

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