{{Italic title}} is used to italicize part or all of a page's title (the first header shown on the page, above all other content).


Add {{Italic title}} at the beginning or the end of a page. By default, all of the title except for the namespace and text in parentheses (including the parentheses) is italicized, but this can be overridden with an unnamed parameter.

For example, adding the code {{Italic title|List of ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'' cards}} to the page "List of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards" would result in the header displaying as List of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.


{{Italic title}} automatically adds direct uses to the category Category:Pages directly using ((Italic title)). In addition, if {{Italic title}} is given input that would change the page's functional title (that is, copying and pasting the title shown would lead to a different page instead of the current page), it adds the page to the category Category:((Italic title)) transclusions changing functional pagename.

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