(two variables $setsln for the ISO code and $setslang for the full name.)
(sets* → set_*)
Line 9: Line 9:
<th>Set</th>{{ #switch: {{{1|}}}
<th>Set</th>{{ #switch: {{{1|}}}
| <!-- blank --> | en | na | eu | au
| <!-- blank --> | en | na | eu | au
| oc | ae = {{ #vardefine: $setsln | en }}{{ #vardefine: $setslang | English }}
| oc | ae = {{ #vardefine: $set_ln | en }}{{ #vardefine: $set_lang | English }}
| #default = {{ #vardefine: $setsln | {{{1}}} }}{{ #vardefine: $setslang | {{lang|{{{1}}}}} }}
| #default = {{ #vardefine: $set_ln | {{{1}}} }}{{ #vardefine: $set_lang | {{lang|{{{1}}}}} }}
<th>{{Iso639|{{{1}}}}} name</th>
<th>{{Iso639|{{{1}}}}} name</th>

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Release Number Set Rarity
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{{Card table set/header|}}
{{Card table set|||}}
{{Card table set/footer}}


{{Card table set}} is used to add card set, set number, and rarity information to card pages. Basic usage is {{Card table set|Set number|Set name|Rarity}}

Set number may be omitted if the print in question doesn't have a set number: {{Card table set|‌|Set name|Rarity}}.

The language is detected based on the language passed to {{Card table set/header}}.


{{Card table set/header|jp}}
{{Card table set||Gold Series 2014}}
{{Card table set|SHSP-JP0??|Shadow Specters|Common}}
{{Card table set|GENF-JP001|Galactic Overlord|Super Rare}}
{{Card table set|303-054|Champion of Black Magic|Ultimate Rare}}
{{Card table set|LB-01|Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (Japanese)|Ultra Rare}}
{{Card table set||Premium Pack 2 (Japanese)|Super Rare}}
{{Card table set|N/A|Vol.3|Rare}}
{{Card table set||Vol.1}}
{{Card table set/footer}}
Release Number Setundefined language name Rarity
Gold Series 2014
SHSP-JP0?? Shadow Specters Common
GENF-JP001 Galactic Overlord Super Rare
303-054 Champion of Black Magic Ultimate Rare
LB-01 Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (Japanese) Ultra Rare
Premium Pack 2 (Japanese) Super Rare
N/A Vol.3 Rare

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