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{{Card table/type}} is used to return different monster types based on the input given in {{card table}}.


The types and effect_types parameters from {{Card table}} should be passed in as the first and second parameters for this template.

{{Card table/type|{{{types|}}}|{{{effect_types|}}}|output format}}

The different output formats are:

  • Type - The card's Type
  • Primary - Types such as Normal, Effect, Synchro etc.
  • Secondary - Types such as Gemini, Tuner etc.
  • Effect - Whether the card is an Effect Monster or not. Returns either "Normal" or "Effect".
  • Linked - Returns all the inputted types in linked format, with appropriate SMW properties.


Input Output
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Effect|Continuous|Type}} Warrior
{{Card table/type|Warrior|​|Primary}} Normal
{{Card table/type|Warrior|​|Secondary}}
{{Card table/type|Warrior|​|Effect}} Normal
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|​|Primary}} Normal
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|​|Secondary}} Tuner
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|​|Effect}} Normal
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|Continuous|Primary}} Effect
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|Continuous|Secondary}} Tuner
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|Continuous|Effect}} Effect
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|​|Primary}} Synchro
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|​|Secondary}} Tuner
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|​|Effect}} Normal
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|Continuous|Primary}} Synchro
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|Continuous|Secondary}} Tuner
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|Continuous|Effect}} Effect
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Effect|Continuous|Primary}} Synchro
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Effect|Continuous|Secondary}}
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Effect|Continuous|Effect}} Effect
{{Card table/type|Warrior|​|Linked}} Warrior
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Tuner|Continuous|Linked}} Warrior / Tuner
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro|Continuous|Linked}} Warrior / Synchro
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Tuner|Continuous|Linked}} Warrior / Synchro / Tuner
{{Card table/type|Warrior/Synchro/Effect|Continuous|Linked}} Warrior / Synchro / Effect
{{Card table/type|???/???/Effect|Continuous|Linked}} Warrior / ??? / Effect
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