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The following documentation shows how to add information in extra languages to pages using {{CardTable2}}.


When choosing the name of a card, one should go with the name it has been released under in its language version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game or Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. If the card has not been released in either of those, use its name from its language version of the most recent video game or the manga. If the card does not exist in any of those or none of them have been released in this language, a localized translation of a language it has been officially named in can be used (preferably the Japanese or English name) and {{Unofficial name|Languagename}} should be used to note that the name is not official.


The article title is displayed as the card's English name by default. If the card's name is different from the article title (e.g. "Jinzo 7", "Dark Magician (Arkana)" and "Dark Magician (Bandai)"), use one of the following:

  • name: Normally used if the article name is different than the English name.
  • cardgame: This is used to display the OCG/TCG counterpart of a card from another game. It will also display as the English name, unless name is used.

The following can be used to add alternate English names. These should not be used unless different than the main English name.

  • ae_name: The card's Asian-English name, prior to the syncing of Asian-English terminology with regular English.
  • altname: Uncategorized alternate name.


The following parameters exist for adding names in Japanese.

  • ja_name: The Japanese name of the card.
  • ja_romaji: The card's Japanese name written in rōmaji (that is, a phonetic transliteration).
  • ja_trans: The Japanese name translated to English, if not trivially different from its English name.


  • ar_name: The card's Arabic name.
  • zh_name: The card's Chinese name.
  • hr_name: The card's Croatian name.
  • fr_name: The card's French name.
  • de_name: The card's German name.
  • el_name: The card's Greek name.
  • hu_name: The card's Hungarian name.
  • it_name: The card's Italian name.
  • ko_name: The card's Korean name.
  • pt_name: The card's Portuguese name.
  • sk_name: The card's Slovak name.
  • sl_name: The card's Slovene name.
  • es_name: The card's Spanish name.
  • th_name: The card's Thai name.
  • tr_name: The card's Turkish name.

The following name parameters can also be used to store the names as semantic attributes, but will not display on the table.

  • sq_name: The card's Albanian name.
  • bn_name: The card's Bengali name.
  • bg_name: The card's Bulgarian name.
  • ca_name: The card's Catalan name.
  • cs_name: The card's Czech name.
  • da_name: The card's Danish name.
  • nl_name: The card's Dutch name.
  • et_name: The card's Estonian name.
  • fil_name: The card's Filipino name.
  • fi_name: The card's Finnish name.
  • haw_name: The card's Hawaiian name.
  • he_name: The card's Hebrew name.
  • hi_name: The card's Hindi name.
  • id_name: The card's Indonesian name.
  • ga_name: The card's Irish name.
  • lv_name: The card's Latvian name.
  • lt_name: The card's Lithuanian name.
  • no_name: The card's Norwegian name.
    • nb_name: The card's Bokmål name.
    • nn_name: The card's Nynorsk name.
  • fa_name: The card's Persian name.
  • pl_name: The card's Polish name.
  • ro_name: The card's Romanian name.
  • ru_name: The card's Russian name.
  • sr_name: The card's Serbian name.
  • sv_name: The card's Swedish name.
  • tl_name: The card's Tagalog name.
  • vi_name: The card's Vietnamese name.
  • cy_name: The card's Welsh name.


Ideally use the lore (card text) used on the most recent print of a card, unless it is misprinted. If a lore does not officially exist in the given language, print it using Konami's most recent text patterns, and add {{Unofficial lore|Languagename}} to the top of the page.


  • lore: The card's English lore.
  • ja_lore: The card's Japanese lore.
  • zh_lore: The card's Chinese lore.
  • fr_lore: The card's French lore.
  • de_lore: The card's German lore.
  • it_lore: The card's Italian lore.
  • ko_lore: The card's Korean lore.
  • pt_lore: The card's Portuguese lore.
  • es_lore: The card's Spanish lore.

Alternate English


The following set parameters exist.


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