Card Names
LanguagePrimary NameAlternate Names
Flag of the United Kingdom  English{{{enname}}}{{{enaltname}}}
Flag of the Arab League  Arabic{{{arname}}}{{{araltname}}}
Flag of the People's Republic of China  Chinese{{{chname}}}{{{chaltname}}}
Flag of Croatia  Croatian{{{hrname}}}{{{hraltname}}}
Flag of France  French{{{frname}}}{{{fraltname}}}
Flag of Germany  German{{{dename}}}{{{dealtname}}}
Flag of Greece  Greek{{{grname}}}{{{graltname}}}
Flag of Italy  Italian{{{itname}}}{{{italtname}}}
Flag of   Korean{{{krname}}}{{{kraltname}}}
Flag of Portugal  Portuguese{{{ptname}}}{{{ptaltname}}}
Flag of Singapore  English (Singapore){{{sgname}}}{{{sgaltname}}}
Flag of Spain  Spanish{{{spname}}}{{{spaltname}}}
Flag of Sweden  Swedish{{{sename}}}{{{sealtname}}}
Flag of Vietnam  Vietnamese{{{vnname}}}{{{vnaltname}}}
Flag of Japan  Japanese{{{jpname}}}{{{jpaltname}}}
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