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Teleport Dark Armed Dragon (often abbreviated to TeleDAD) Decks use "Emergency Teleport" (abbreviated E-Teleport or E-Tele) to quickly Special Summon Psychic-Type Tuner Monsters, usually "Krebons". The Tuner Monsters are then used with cards like "Destiny Hero - Malicious" to Synchro Summon Synchro Monsters, while at the same time putting DARK monsters in the Graveyard to Special Summon "Dark Armed Dragon". "Dark Armed Dragon" is then used to clear the opponent's field and attack for game. If done correctly, this can occur as fast as one to three turns.

Before the March 2009 Lists, this was the top Deck of the Shonen Jump Circuit, where it was not uncommon that almost all of the Top 8 of many tournaments were using of these Decks.

After March, the Deck itself is technically dead, with "Dark Armed Dragon", "Emergency Teleport", and "Reinforcement of the Army" Limited. It was succeeded by slower version of itself which never gained an edge like their predecessor, although they still fared well in high-level tournaments. September's Limiting of "Solemn Judgment" took away this Deck's primary defensive card, although many players now use its counterpart "Solemn Warning".

Zombie TeleDAD

Dark Armed Zombie is a popular variant that has been used at a regional tournaments. It combines the field-swarming capabilities of Zombie-Type monsters with the killer effect of "Dark Armed Dragon".

With the release of the March 2009 Lists, this Deck has been weakened since many of the key cards became Limited.

Zombies used to swarm the field, include "Zombie Master", "Goblin Zombie", "Il Blud", "Mezuki" and "Pyramid Turtle". The majority of them are DARK and a number either send cards to the Graveyard or benefit from being sent to the Graveyard, assisting in Summoning "Dark Armed Dragon".

"Krebons" and "Plaguespreader Zombie" are used to perform Synchro Summons.

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