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Team Ragnarok




Chīmu Ragunaroku

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Team Ragnarok

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's



Team Ragnarok is a team participating in the WRGP. They are named after the legendary final battle that the gods will die in, told in Norse mythology. All 3 members of the team also have a Rune Eye each with a different color which signifies the fact that they are the holders of the three "Aesir" monsters. They are said to be the top team in the world.

This trio debut on Episode 117 as they're heading towards New Domino City by plane. At the time the sky is also hit by the Three Pure Nobles' reality warping technique which affects the city, making the Nobles' team, Team New World immensely popular, even replacing the picture of Team Ragnarok with them on a magazine cover. However these individuals aren't affected because of the three Aesir cards they each wield. Halldor had a good understanding of the occurrence.

At first when they met Team 5D's officially, they didn't believe that they had what it takes to stop the Divine Temple from falling on New Domino City since they believed Yusei would only carry a destiny of destruction as he was the son of Dr. Fudo who started Zero Reverse even though Yusei made it clear that was an accident. After Jack, Crow and Yusei defeat them and outmaneuver their signaures cards however, Halldor changes his perception of Yusei and believes that Yusei has what it takes to change the future for the better and lead people into the right direction.

Despite losing to Team 5D's, they later supply the Signers with Rainbow Bridge Bifrost, an enchanted Spell Card which enables the three Aesirs to create a replica of the mythic Rainbow Bridge, spanning from the Daedalus Bridge to the Divine Temple, granting the Signers access to it. Due to this, they use the power of the Ener-D from their Valhallander, though they are shown to be injured by this process. As they get weaker, so too do their gods. Later, the Aesirs are seen to be destroyed and Yusei cries out to them. In Episode 147 they are seen to have survived.


Member Rune Æsir
Halldor Ansuz
Rune Eye 2
Odin, Father of the Aesir
Dragan Thurisaz
Rune Eye 3
Thor, Lord of the Aesir
Broder Haglaz
Rune Eye 1
Loki, Lord of the Aesir

WRGP Preliminary Round[]

Opponent Outcome
WRGP Team Win
WRGP Team Win
Team Fortune Ark Win
Team 5D's Lose