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Team New World is a team participating in the WRGP finals.

This team is composed by the Three Pure Nobles. On episode 117 using their powers to falsify history, they make people believe that they are a team from this tournament instead of being the directors of Sector Security. They also took the place that Team Sherry was in during the WRGP.

This was proven because at the time Team Ragnarok are looking at a magazine which initially features them on the cover page. However after the Trio used their powers, Team New World has taken their place in the picture. Since the trio used their powers to enter the WRGP it is presumed by the public in the anime that their duel record is the same as Sherry's teams record, thus 2 wins against unknown WRGP teams.

In Episode 134, it's revealed that the 3 of them were originally one; Aporia. During the duel with Yusei, the 3 combine back into their original form.

WRGP Rounds

Opponent Outcome
WRGP Team Win (Due to Time Alteration)
WRGP Team Win (Due to Time Alteration)
Team The Arm Win
Team Black Baron Win
Team 5D's Lose
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