5Dx152 Last supper

The dinner party.

Team 5D's dinner party was a meal in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's that Yusei Fudo organized for Team 5D's, who hadn't seen much of each other in a while.[1]

Prior events

Following the defeat of Z-one, Team 5D's started going in the own different directions.

Jack began defeating other duelists as part of training to become King again. He also joined the Dueling league Ride Ace and didn't make much contact with the rest of Team 5D's.

After receiving a video call from Crow while at work, Yusei could tell Crow was anxious about something. Yusei then suggested that they and the rest of Team 5D's get together for a meal, since they hadn't seen in other in a while. Crow agreed and offered to hand out the invitations.

Akiza was considering studying medicine in college abroad shortly, before she received her invitation to the meal.

Yusei received a phone call from Akiza's parents, seeking consultation on what Akiza should do after she graduates.

Crow was constantly followed by a man, who insisted Crow was destined for bigger things than being a highway patroller. Crow then received an invitation to join a Dueling league.

Before leaving for the meal, Leo and Luna received mail from their parents, who wanted them to all live together outside New Domino City.

Yusei bought the food for the meal and also received an invitation to join the IFS Duel League.[1]

The meal

The meal took place in Yusei's garage. Akiza, Leo and Luna showed up slightly late, but initially teased Crow who arrived after them by pretending to have been kept waiting.

Yusei cooked kebabs on the barbecue outside the garage, while Akiza helped prepare food inside. Crow began talking to Yusei about their careers. He then asked what Akiza planned on doing. However she got mad when Crow suggested that she could join a Dueling league. Leo and Luna then told the others that their parents wanted them to leave the city. As he returned to the food before it burned, Yusei told the others that Crow received an invitation from the pro league oversees and Akiza was planning on studying medicine abroad. As they thought about their futures, Jack arrived.

Jack explained how he was aiming to become World King and pointed out that Yusei had also received an invitation to join a pro league. Like Akiza, Crow, Leo and Luna, Yusei said that he hadn't decided what he would be doing. Much to Crow's disgust, Jack said he will break whatever blocks him from becoming King, even if it is the bonds of Team 5D's. Since dueling has always lead them in the past, Yusei challenged Jack to a Duel, hoping they would learn what to do next from it. Jack gladly accepted, as he had been hoping to defeat Yusei.[1]


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