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This card is not a Pendulum Monster

Guys, no, this card and "Passing Rider" are not Pendulum Monsters. Manga just works like that, it doesn't function exactly like OCG rulings. Solid arguments to explain why these cards aren't Pendulums:

  • They went from the field to the Graveyard when used as Synchro Materials, and were Summoned from the Graveyard with "Synchro Panic".
  • When Yugo activates "Pendulum Transfer", he says that Ren's not the only one who can change the properties of his monsters (referring to how Ren's monsters can treat themselves tuners). This means that his monsters are regular monsters, and his Spell Card allows him to treat them as Pendulums.
  • Yugo explained that he has /one/ card which has evolved with Yuya - Clearwing. The rest of Yugo's deck is normal, only Clearwing was influenced by Yuya's powers. "Pendulum Transfer" is another influence of Yuya's powers, which apparently can make anyone magically use Pendulum, aka, the Summoning method originally used only by him and him alone.
  • And, once more. This is manga. The magical universe where you can destroy cards in the Graveyard or activate effects after your LP becomes zero. "Pendulum Transfer" allows one to treat regular monsters as Pendulum Monsters. Period. LegendaryAsariUgetsu (talkcontribs) 19:46, August 22, 2016 (UTC)

Honestly, I really think that just setting it as Pendulum would be the best case, until we get can get a more clear answer, because the arguments I see for this card and "Passing Rider" not being Pendulums aren't 100% solid

    • It is a very real possibility that both of these monsters have an effect that says something along the lines of "If this card is used as a material for a Synchro Summon, send it to the graveyard instead of sending it to the Extra Deck", just like how just like how it is a very real possibility that ""Pendulum Transfer" allows one to treat regular monsters as Pendulum Monsters" is a very real possibility. The Manga has introduced cards that change how inherit mechanics of monsters work. For example, there is a card that lets you use counters as Xyz Materials and there is a card that can be Xyz summoned by treating cards equipped to a monster as Xyz Materials.
    • By change the properties he could have just meant that he was putting the two monsters in his Pendulum Zones, since the Pendulum Zone is an entirely different place on the field than the monster card zone. Yugo also could have meant that his was changing his cards from Monster Cards to Spell Cards. Keep in mind that changing a card property could mean anything from a type change to completely changing what kind of card it is, it can be extremely vague.
    • This one honestly sounds like a plothole in the manga. If Yugo has only one card that has evolved with Yuya, then "Clearwing" would be the only card that incorporates the Pendulum Mechanic, but considering he has "Pendulum Transfer", this really isn't the case, because he now has two cards that incorporate the Pendulum Mechanic.

AD2011 (talkcontribs) 21:17, August 22, 2016 (UTC)

  • Regarding the first argument: All effects which are used in the manga are explained verbally, even most notably the ones not shown in a card lore, which is the case of both Butterfly and Rider. If they had such an effect, Yugo would have explained that verbally, and/or Ren would have questioned "but if those were Pendulum Monsters all along, how come they went to the Graveyard?" (then Yugo would probably explain that that was their effects). I find it extremely unlikely that they had such an OCG-ish effect, mostly considering how simpleton manga duel writing is. Not to mention that they only explained that "Clearwing" was a Pendulum Monster all along, while they said nothing about the "Speedroids" - because, again, they explain everything verbally in the manga, and if they only explained about "Clearwing", that's because "Clearwing" is the only monster who's a Pendulum here.
  • Regarding the second argument: Pendulum Monsters are Pendulum Monsters whether they are on the field or Pendulum Zones. That's not changing their properties. Changing their properties is turning them into something they aren't. Placing a Pendulum Monster from the field into the Pendulum Zone is simply moving them to a different place, not changing their properties.
  • Third argument: I think you're misinterpretign things. Yugo has one card from his deck which was evolved by Yuya. "Clearwing" was originally his card, and with Yuya's powers, Yugo's "Clearwing" evovled. Yugo's "Pendulum Transfer", just like Yuri's "Pendulum Fusion", obviously weren't originally cards from their decks, but were created by Yuya or given to them by Yuya or some Yuya power shenanigans. Basically: "Pendulum Transfer" clearly wasn't a card of Yugo's original deck, and it's not an "evolution" of any card (I mean, what would the pre-evolution version of "Pendulum Transfer" be?). "Clearwing" is a card which evolved, from a regular Synchro to a Pendulum Synchro. LegendaryAsariUgetsu (talkcontribs) 17:01, August 23, 2016 (UTC)
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