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What are reasons to consider official cards as forbidden?

I haven't touched my old Yu-Gi-Oh cards for ages, but have refound my interest in the cards recently. While randomly looking through pages I came ti find this one about forbidden cards and whoa.. that I own several of those cards of which I'd never have thoughts they could be considered as forbidden. IN this list appear cards which counted under common cards who were available in like every of the early structure decks, and even in booster packs the were common like Pot of Greed, Ultimate Offering, Sangan, Witch if the Black Forest. I wonder why? Those cards aren't that powerful and cards which such kind if effects as those were the basics to every duellist back in my childhood. And suddenly such basic cards happened to be officially firbidden? Wow...

I also noted that most of those cards listed there have and effect including destroying cards on the field, allowing monsters to return from the graveyard, allowing multiple normal summining etc. Now that cards with those kinds of effects happen to be forbidden how does the game still makes fun, is still an actual challenge for duellists? Apparently The game got soft/weak over the years..

I personally can't really see any reason why those listed cards are forbidden. To me their effects don't seem really that strong and also not much of a threat in some cases. Did the wentire game play change or..? Would be nice if somebody could explain me what is making a forbidden card a forbidden one. Tier Harribel-san (talkcontribs) 23:24, April 11, 2016 (UTC)

NOt exactly hte place to ask this. also see here: Forum:Reasons why cards are Forbidden/Limited —This unsigned comment was made by DreadKaiser (talkcontribs) 23:47, April 11, 2016‎ (UTC)
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