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I thought the name was supposed to be "Court of Justice" (?) --Bhigpx 14:54, February 24, 2010 (UTC)

It's strange. But that's how it's called on the World Championship 2010 game. —This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs) 15:48, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

I wouldn't be treating WC games as canon sources of translation info. Unless Giant Orc really should be translated as Giant Oak and Gandora's true name is Crush D. Gandra. Personally I think this is very obviously an example of a mistranslation on the part of the game dubbers.-- 18:30, February 26, 2010 (UTC)

You may be right, but 1)all of these translations have been fixed on WC10 and 2)It's still our only translation info till we get the real translations.. after all, Konami makes these games, right? 17:27, February 27, 2010 (UTC) I'll just leave this right here.Aniodia1 (talkcontribs) 16:48, July 21, 2011 (UTC) Hay deos anyone know what the monster in court of justice is

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