Alright, a couple notes about the page i just published. 1) IT IS NOT COMPLETE!!! There is still A LOT of story line to cover!!! Don't hate!! But, seriously, if you have information about the clock tower square focusing on the neo ghouls that would be much appreciated. 2) Under Duelists where it says the sacred cards and same for reshef of destruction, those were supposed to be bold... 3) Another IT IS NOT COMPLETE type deal. The decklists. I am still getting the information for these. especially on tsc. All i did was added the ones that i had. also, those are authentic! I got them straight out of the game. feel free to organize them. If you add a decklist make sure it's not a main character's. Add the main character's decklist to THEIR page with their other decks. 4) final note: you may notice that the decklists for the rod npcs are only 37 cards well that's because Each time I duel them they set three (I'm pretty sure the same) cards face down that never get activated. They're not house of adhesive tape ir eatgaboon, i've tested those. I think they're fake traps but I don't want to put an assumption on an official page. so if you know what those last three (presumably) trap cards are please add them. Yug18-11 (talkcontribs) 16:36, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

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