come on its a turtle with a catapult on its back how cool is that

Here's mine...

You can state an opinion here?

My opinion: this card's effect works best with Chain Material..., Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu when removed from play, Elemental Hero Absolute Zero on the filed and removed from the field, etc.

Fact: Atemu used this cards effect on Raphael in "yugioh 158" and should have won when he decides to sacrifice his Dark Magician Girl, but for some reason the animators didn't consider Sacrificing a monster as a cost for this card's effect to activate which is +/- 1/2 of Sacrificed Monster's current ATK damage to opponent.

If this card's OCG/TCG effect was used, Atemu would be the real winner.

This card may be forbidden in the future

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