If you have these 5 monster cards, marshmellon, jinzo, spell canceler, destiny hero plasma, partition of darkness, your opponent can only get out of it with lava golem, or win with exodia, should this be added? 13:37, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

You forgot about monster effects, an "Exiled Force" could get rid of some of the opponents lock down monsters. Monty Kensicle 00:17, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

Last Warrior LockDown

I'm not sure if this should go here or have its own page, but I've found one particular lockdown deck thats relatively quick and effective.

It uses The Last Warrior from Another Planet and Light of Intervention as the main basis of the strategy. This prevents any summoning, so effect monsters (excluding ones already on the field) are useless.

A supporting strategy to help lockdown spells and traps is a combination of Anti-Spell Fragrance and Xing Zhen Hu. Using this, you can limit the amount of spells and traps they can use, by forcing them to stay on the field unusable.

Combine this with traps like Solemn Judgement and Dark Bribe, and you have a deck which can easily lock down another deck for the 4 turns it takes to get rid of life points.

Even the fusion aspect doesn't do anything to the dynamics of the deck if one is careful and creates a 40-43 card deck using many easy to use cards (like King of the Swamp and The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion )

Generally, the worst that happens on average is that you have The Last Warrior from Another Planet, but not Light of Intervention on the field, which means that as long as you can destroy the defense position Monsters in battle, and protect against the opponent's card effects with the proper cards, when you do get the Light of Intervention, you can effectively lock down any effects which will leave your The Last Warrior from Another Planet as the last man standing.

Pros: Can prevent Monster and Magic/Trap Defenses completely if the set-up is made quickly. Can force all Magic/Trap/Monster spaces unusable. Takes about 1-4 turns to set up. Can prevent, at the very least, all forms of summoning, including Synchro-Summoning.

Cons: Takes 4 turns of direct attacks to kill. Cannot deal with Defenses over 2300 or Monsters that cannot be destroyed in battle, nor negate the effects of creatures already on the field if the deck is made strictly for this strategy. 00:44, February 3, 2010 (UTC)

Ok, it's my turn to shoot!

I've been planning a 6-card Lockdown that blocks your opponnent absolutely.

Required cards:

That's how does it work: I activate 3 Ground Collapses blocking all of my opponent's Monster Card Zones but only 1 that I own. Then I activate Mask of Restrict (might sound silly, but that'll be useful later). Right away, I Special Summon Jinzo, Spell Canceller, The End of Anubis and Splendid Venus with a method that I only know. Due to Jinzo, Spell Canceller and The End of Anubis, your opponent is absolutely locked down, and with Venus, my Spells and Traps are NOT negated. It might be easy for my opponent to succumb to this strategy, as long as I've got enough synergy for that, defeat for them is imminent anyways.

I Special Summon all those monsters with the combo Dimensional Fissure + Magical Merchant + Dimension Fusion.

Dark Simorgh Lockdown

You do already know the anti-Set effect of Dark Simorgh and its Lockdown with Anti-Spell Fragrance that block your opponent's Spells and Traps, but I should get a way to reproduce that!

Required Cards:

First off, I should Special Summon Dark Simorgh. For this, I should get a great variety of WIND and DARK monsters in my Deck. But then, I should activate Anti-Spell Fragrance. This way, your opponent must Set their Spells and Traps and cannot activate them, thus getting forbidden from activating any. For a monster lock, you might include Tualatin, which shuts down an Attribute (useful only against Blackwings, Dark World etc.), and Dark Simorgh prevents monster Sets, thus locking down their Summons right away. No monsters, no Spells and Traps result into a severe lock!

Decoyroid Lock

This strategy consists into using the classic lock of Decoyroid and Heart of Clear Water, which prevents your opponent from attacking, in addition to Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 which negates Spells and the combo King Dragun and Metalsilver Armor which prevents targeting effects, granting an impregnable lock. Exiled Force is also useless against this lock. Pixie Ring may replace Heart of Clear Water, as it'll prevent the lowest ATK monster (Decoyroid), thus causing an easy attack lock. However, the only thing that might break that is Spiritualism, which may bounce Heart of Clear Water/Metalsilver Armor to disrupt the strategy.

  • This is a kinda difficult to pull off strategy, then I shall make the calculation here. Fusion Summon King Dragun: Use Future Fusion and Dragon's Mirror = 2 cards. Special Summon Horus: Use Gilasurus and Tribute Summon Horus LV6 to bring out Horus LV8 = 4 cards. Summon Decoyroid: perhaps with Last Will = 5 cards. Activate Heart of Clear Water/Pixie Ring and Metalsilver Armor = 7 cards. That means, with some tricks I should use 7 cards to pull off this lock!

General Comments about Effect Lockdown

I think a good effect lock deck has to fulfill these three things: 1. Quick and to the point: Able to pull off in one turn, this means using Monsters, spells, and trap cards that can be activated during you opponent's next draw phase that completes the lock. If a deck is built around a lock, then if your opponent has a chance to disrput your lock midway, you are in big trouble as most combos are weak when they are incomplete. So the one turn condition, I think is the most important. 2. Consistancy: Requires no more than 2 specific cards, or 4 non-specific card (meaning any card that can fulfill a general effect). For lock decks, consistancy is more so than the absolute strength of the lock. Another way to increase consistancy is add draw engines. 3. What if is doesn't work or picked apart by you opponent?: Have a quick reversal/back-up strategy in case you didn't get the hand you are looking for. This strategy is best if it can coincide with your lock and requires less additional cards. I my opinion, here is how the ratio should be: 3/4 of you deck devoted to lock, 1/4 devoted to individual play.

A lock deck is only worth using if the difficulty of assembling the lock is lower than the difficulty of picking it apart. So how do you evaluate difficultness? First, count how many cards your lock requires, according to my experience, a specific card in your hand/field/grave is worth 2 general effect cards in your hand/field/grave, 3 specific cards (or 7 general) that has to be in your deck, vs. how many cards is required to break it, calculated using the same formula. Then, you must look at in what condition it must be played in. For example, for a Dark Simorgh/Anti-spell fragrence lock must be played when your opponent has a clear back row, so when you do the card count for your lock, you must include cards that destroys spell and trap cards. Let's continue with example: - this lock needs 2 specific cards (Dark Simorph and Anti-Spell), two general cards to summon Dark Simorph, and one general card to set the condition. This brings the total to the equivalent of 3.5 specific cards. How ever, it is judged to be not a good lock because all your opponent need is a monster that can destroy spell cards.

One of my favourite lock is the Shooting Quaser Dragon, Shooting Star Dragon, Halberd Cannon, Dark Simorph, Naturia Exterio, and Mask of Restrict lock. You will only need Superancient deepsea king coelacanth, and Card of Safe Return on your field, 8 general cards in your deck and 4 specific card in your deck, for the equivalent of about 4.5 specific cards. I would think that it would be hard to break this lock in 4.5 cards. -- (talk) 17:30, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

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