Hey xD!! i wanna know exactly how to use the effect of this card, cuz i've made a D.D. Deck and i think this card is for the seven monarchs, but... how can i use it in my deck?? which strategy can i play?? help me please xD

  • In your Monarch deck, it's used to negate the effects that the Monarchs use when they're tribute summoned. Sounds weird, but since Monarch effects are mandatory, they will activate regardless if you don't want to activate them (like when Zaborg comes out as the only monster on the field, causing him to destroy himself). In that case, use By Order of the Emperor to negate the effects and draw a card instead. You can also use the card against your opponent, like other Monarchs, Armageddon Knight, etc. Swaggs 01:45, 22 August 2009 (UTC)
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