Would someone care including the Naturia monsters in it as they have great deck lockdown abilities.

Could you consider Horus Lv8 anti meta

Could you consider Horus Lv8 anti meta or only lock down? I only ask because most metal level deck rely on spell support (actually most decks do but that's not the point)

No free will

Dude, I'm gettin' upset! For the same reason as Gravekeeper's, Card evolutions; I've lost the prerrogative to edit this article to a decent way, due to the claiming of another Duelists! What have I done wrong right here, or maybe it seems that I've drunk a Scotch last night?! Or maybe I ought to quit Yu-Gi-Oh!? Well, I have 4 years of experience at Duels, and can't handle the fact of being disrespected by other Duelists. Please, I have to find a way to not losing the honor as a Duelist! User:Duelmaster3000

What you think is good is not always good. That's simply a fact. You have done nothing wrong, but the articles about decks should have good ideas and info-a lot of those aren't that good. And for your information, I have at least 8 years of experience with it. How much you've dueled isn't what's important-it's your knowledge of the current meta.BobaFett2 (talk)

Snivel... Thanks! User:Duelmaster3000

Tyrant's Cards are not Anti-Meta!

I've been researching the Anti-Meta cards, and then I've realized that Tyrant's cards do not have Anti-Meta aspect. They are cards to be placed at Lockdown, Stall, due to the fact that they're are costly, and most of them are based of only locking effects! Wouldn't you agree, dudes?! --idiota3000 14:35, August 24, 2011 (UTC)Duelmaster300

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