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'''[[Extreme Victory]]''' ([[EXVC-EN039]] - [[R]])
'''[[Extreme Victory]]''' ([[EXVC-EN039]] - [[R]])
'''[[Legendary Collection 5D's Mega-Pack]]''' ([[LC5D-EN212]] - [[C]])
'''[[Legendary Collection 5D's Mega Pack]]''' ([[LC5D-EN212]] - [[C]])
| fr_sets =
| fr_sets =

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T.G. Recipro Dragonfly
TG (テックジーナス)  レシプロ・ドラゴン・フライ
English T.G. Recipro Dragonfly
French Libellule Alternative T.G.
German T.G. Wechsellibelle
Italian T.G. Recipro Libellula
Korean TG (테크지너스) 레시프로 드래곤 플라이
Spanish T.G. Helibelula
Japanese (kana) テックジーナス レシプロ・ドラゴン・フライ
Japanese (base) TG レシプロ・ドラゴン・フライ
Japanese (rōmaji) Tekkujīnasu Reshipuro Doragon Furai
Japanese (translated) Tech Genus Recipro Dragonfly
Other names Tech Genus Recipro Dragon Fly INX-1100
Card type Monster
Attribute WIND WIND.svg
Types Insect / Synchro / Effect
Level 2 CG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 300 / 300
Materials 1 Tuner + 1 non-Tuner monster
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