Syrus Truesdale's Road to Duel Links



Tardy Syrus

Syrus Truesdale's Road to Duel Links is an event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links from May 9th, 2018 to May 17th, 2018. The event has the mechanics of both a Duel-A-Thon and a roaming event

Event details

  • Syrus does not appear at the Gate.
  • Only 1 Syrus will appear in Duel World at once.
  • The chance of Syrus appearing in Duel World is not affected by the appearance of other Standard/Legendary Duelists or by the use of Duel Orbs/Boosted Duel Orbs.


Level 30

Rescueroid to the Rescue

Level 40

Super Vechicroids

Duel Rewards 

Rarity Card
UR "Expressroid"
SR "Submarineroid"
SR "Drillroid"
SR "Steamroid"
SR "Inverse Universe"
SR "Ambulance Rescueroid"
SR "Pair Cycroid"
R "Steam Gyroid"
R "Rescueroid"
R "Carrierroid"
R "Ambulanceroid"
R "Supercharge"
N "Patroid"

Cumulative Rewards

Points Reward
500 50 Gems
1,200 5,000 Gold
2,100 "Drillroid"
3,200 "Gyroid"
4,400 Syrus Truesdale
5,600 "Steamroid"
6,800 "Truckroid"
8,000 100 Gem
9,200 Training Wheels (Skill)
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