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Syndy Chross is a character appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL.


The first syllable of Syndy's first and last names forms the word "Synchro", referencing her Deck type.


During the opening of the Duel Team Carnival, someone hacked the Obots, causing a huge riot. The members of Team ZEXAL found the building where the hacker was and went after him.[1] After defeating Fusion Mask, the guardian of the first Web Point[2], they reached the top of the building, where they found Syndy, the guardian of the second Web Point, holding Shark's friends as hostages, suspended by ropes. Syndy and Shark then Dueled, with the rule that each 1000 Life Points Shark lost would make one of the 4 ropes holding his friends be severed. Syndy managed to reduce Shark's Life Points to 300 using her quick Synchro Summons, but was ultimately defeated by Shark's "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK". Upon Syndy's loss, Master Evil appeared, disappointed that Syndy failed him; she begged him not to punish her, but the ground under her elevated and formed a kind of rocket, and Evil sent her flying away.[3]


Syndy plays a Synchro Deck.


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Shark 22 Lose


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