Supporter in the Shadows
(もの) (かげ) (きょう) (りょく) (しゃ)
English Supporter in the Shadows
Chinese 陰暗處的協力者
French Adepte des ombres
German Helfer im Schatten
Italian Aiutante dell'Ombra
Portuguese Auxiliador nas Sombras
Spanish Partidario en las Sombras
Japanese (kana) ものかげのきょうりょくしゃ
Japanese (base) 物陰の協力者
Japanese (rōmaji) Monokage no Kyōryokusha
Card type Monster
Attribute EARTH EARTH.svg
Type Warrior
Level 3 CG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 1000 / 1000
Passcode 41422426
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Video gameDate#NameCostAlignmentATKDEFStatus
Duel Monsters1998-12-16118Present
Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories1999-07-08118Present
Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent / Dark Duel Stories2000-07-13118????????????Present
Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist2000-12-07118Present
The Eternal Duelist Soul2002-10-15Unlimited
Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel2003-04-15Unlimited
Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 20062006-02-23???Unlimited
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