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Super Rare

A Super Rare (Japanese: スーパーレア Sūpā Rea, or simply Super) card is identified by having a non-foil card name and a foil card image. Starting with the TCG set Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge released in July of 2017, the Level/Rank and Attribute of the card are also foil.

Since Nightmare Troubadour, video game promo cards were Super Rares, but Stardust Accelerator started having them as Ultra Rares. However, these cards are still released as Super Rares in the European editions of the games. Starter Decks and Structure Decks also usually include two cards printed in Super Rare, often two cards of lesser significance than the Deck's featured card. These are always predetermined.

Although Duelist Alliance Super Rare cards changed in the set from 10 to 14, the chance of pulling one in a box was still 5:1.

Starting in Breakers of Shadow, the chance of pulling a Super Rare was raised to 3:4 (1:1.33) with the introduction of a guaranteed foil. [1]

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