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"Sunavalon" (聖天樹 (サンアバロン) San'abaron) is an archetype of female EARTH Plant Link Monsters with 0 ATK used by Specter in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. They are supported by the "Sunvine" archetype.



The "Sunavalon" monsters have appearance of a humanoid plant or a giant tree with several fruits hanging from its branches. These fruits burst forth whenever they activate their effects to summon "Sunvine" Link Monsters monsters from the Extra Deck, from which the Sunvine monster emerges. On the center of the trunk is a face which is revealed to have a Dryad-like creature inside.


"Sunavalon" is written with the Kanji for "Sacred Tree". The archetype name may be derived from a combination of the words san, Spanish for "holy; sacred", and Avalon, which literally means "the isle of fruit trees". Avalon is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend. The name is generally considered to be of Welsh origin, derived from Old Welsh aball or avallen, which means apple tree or fruit tree respectively. These words may be derived from the Common Celtic word abalnā, which literally means "fruit-bearing thing", similar to how the "Sunavalon" monsters "bear" the "Sunvine" monsters within its fruits. All members so far are named after mythological being associated with plants and trees.


Sunavalon Origin
Daphne Daphne
Dryades Dryad
Dryanome Gnome
Dryas Dryas
Dryatrentiay Trent
Melias Meliae

Playing style

"Sunseed Genius Loci" is the most important monster in the main deck. By using it to Link Summon "Dryas", the player can add a "Sunvine" Spell/Trap card from their deck to their hand, which will generally be "Sunvine Shrine" to bring back "Genius Loci" for Link Climbing. Generic searcher such as "Lonefire Blossom", "Where Arf Thou?", and "Aromaseraphy Jasmine" are all recommended to get "Genius Loci" to the field as early as possible, with "Sunavalon" monster covering the damage from "Where Arf Thou?".

The boss monster of the archetype, "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay", allows the player to tribute a Link monster they control to destroy card(s) the opponent controls equal to the monster's Link Rating.