Summoned Skull
デーモンの (しょう) (かん)
English Summoned Skull
Chinese 惡魔召喚
French Crâne Invoqué
German Herbeigerufener Totenkopf
Italian Teschio Evocato
Korean 데몬 소환
Portuguese Caveira Invocada
Spanish Cráneo Convocado
Japanese (kana) デーモンのしょうかん
Japanese (base) デーモンの召喚
Japanese (rōmaji) Dēmon no Shōkan
Japanese (translated) Daemon’s Summoning
Other names Archfiend’s Summoning
Card type Monster
Attribute DARK
Types Fiend / Normal
Level 6 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 2500 / 1200
Passcode 70781052
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Video gameDate#NameCostAlignmentATKDEFStatus
Duel Monsters1998-12-16022Present
Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories1999-07-08022Present
Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent / Dark Duel Stories2000-07-13022????????????Present
Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist2000-12-07022Present
Duel Monsters 7: The Duelcity Legend / The Sacred Cards2002-07-04022 279?????????Unlimited
The Eternal Duelist Soul2002-10-15Unlimited
Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel2003-04-15Unlimited
7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 20052004-12-30Unlimited
Nightmare Troubadour2005-07-21???Unlimited
GX Duel Academy2005-11-1300181000Unlimited
Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 20062006-02-235200Unlimited
GX Tag Force2006-09-14???Unlimited
World Championship 20082007-11-29???Unlimited

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2,500 +
عملاق القرنين +
Red-Eyes +, Toon +  and Zombie counterpart +
SummonedSkull-MIL1-EN-C-1E.png +
使用黑暗力量迷惑人心的惡魔。在惡魔中以相當強大的力量著稱。 +
惡魔召喚 +
Official +
Gromoglasna Lubanja +
1,200 +
Unlimited +
Archfiend’s Summoning +
Summoned Skull +
Summoned Skull +
Démon dont les pouvoirs diaboliques désorientent l'ennemi. Parmi les monstres de Type Démon, ce monstre a une force considérable.

(Cette carte est toujours traitée comme une carte ‟Archdémon”.) +
Crâne Invoqué +
Archfiend's Manifestation +  and Black Skull Dragon +
Unlimited +
Unlimited +
Ein Unterweltler, der seine Gegner mit dunklen Kräften verwirrt. Er ist einer der mächtigsten Unterweltler.

(Diese Karte wird immer als „Erzunterweltler‟-Karte behandelt.) +
Herbeigerufener Totenkopf +
Η Δύναμη του Κρανίου +
Koponyaszörny +
Un demone che confonde i nemici con i suoi poteri oscuri. Tra tutti i mostri di Tipo Demone, questo vanta una forza considerevole.

(Questa carta è sempre considerata come una carta ‟Arcidemone".) +
Teschio Evocato +
デーモンのしょうかん +
[[DARK|<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>闇</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>やみ</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>の<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>力</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>ちから</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>を<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>使</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>つか</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>い、<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>人</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>ひと</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>の<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>心</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>こころ</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>を<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>惑</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>まど</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>わすデーモン<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>悪</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>あく</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>魔</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>ま</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>族</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>ぞく</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>ではかなり<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>強</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>きょう</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>力</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>りょく</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>な<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>力</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>ちから</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>を<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>誇</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>ほこ</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>る。ss="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"> (ほこ) る。 +
デーモンの召喚 +
어둠의 힘을 사용하여, 사람의 마음을 유혹하는 데몬. 악마족 중에서도 상당히 강력한 힘을 자랑한다. +
데몬 소환 +
A fiend with dark powers for confusing the enemy. Among the Fiend-Type monsters, this monster boasts considerable force.

(This card is always treated as an "Archfiend" card.) +
DM1 +, DM2 +, DM3 +, DDS +, DM4 +, EDS +, GX1 +, GX02 +, NTR +, SDD +, DM7 +, TSC +, WC5 +, WC6 +, WC08 +, YGO +, TCG +  and OCG +
Archetype condition +
Unlimited +
Summoned Skull +
Card page +
70781052 +
Dēmon no Shōkan +
Przywołana Czaszka +
Um demônio com poderes das trevas para confundir o inimigo. Entre os monstros do tipo demônio, é dos mais fortes.

(Este card é tratado como um card ‟Arquidemônio".) +
Caveira Invocada +
Dēmon no Shōkan +
デーモンの (しょう) (かん) +
デーモンの (しょう) (かん) +
Unlimited +
позван Лобања +
Un demonio con poderes oscuros para confundir al enemigo. Entre los monstruos de Tipo Demonio, este monstruo alardea de considerable fuerza.

(Esta carta se trata siempre como una carta "Archidemonio"). +
Cráneo Convocado +
Can be Special Summoned +  and Can always be Special Summoned +
Framkallad Dödskalle +
Unlimited +
Daemon’s Summoning +
Çağrılmış Kafatası +
Unlimited +
Unlimited +
Unlimited +
Unlimited +