The stun gun trooper (スタンガン () (たい) sutan gan butai) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He is student from Rintama High School and one of Hirutani's henchmen.

Manga biography

The henchman was in Hirutani's gang, when Hirutani first got Katsuya Jonouchi to rejoin.[1]

When Jonouchi turned on the gang, the henchman, knocked him down by attacking him from behind. He and two other henchmen held Jonouchi down, before taking him to the torture chamber[2]

When Dark Yugi arrived at the chamber, he allowed the henchman to punch him back, in order to lure the gang into a puddle and set up a trap with an unconscious henchman and his stun gun. Water dripping from Yugi's Millennium Puzzle woke-up the unconscious henchman, causing his stun gun to fall into the puddle electrocuting the gang.[2]

Other appearances


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