Structure Deck: Return of the Red-Eyes is an original Structure Deck in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on May 13, 2019.


Special Summon "Red-Eyes" monsters with "Red-Eyes Fusion" or "Return of the Red-Eyes"!

"Red-Eyes Retro Dragon" When a Level 7 or lower "Red-Eyes" monster is destroyed by your opponent, you can Special Summon this monster from your hand. In addition, you can Special Summon the "Red-Eyes" monster that your opponent destroyed as well, throwing a wrench in your opponent's plans!
"Red-Eyes Fusion" This "Fusion" Spell Card can only be used to Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster that list a "Red-Eyes" monster as a material. However, this Spell Card lets you use monsters from your Deck as Fusion Material (in addition to your hand and field), so if you put "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" in your Deck, you'll be able to Fusion Summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon with this card alone! Be careful though, as you will not be able to Summon any monsters the turn you activate this card.

A total of 17 types of Cards: 2 UR, 5 SR, 8 R, 2 N.
A total of 21 cards (Main Deck: 20 Cards)


"Red-Eyes Wyvern"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
"Red-Eyes Slash Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster1
"Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning"Super RareGemini monster1
"Red-Eyes Retro Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster1
"The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion"Super RareEffect Monster1
"Red-Eyes Fusion"Super RareNormal Spell Card1
"Birthright"Super RareContinuous Trap Card1
"Red-Eyes Toon Dragon"RareToon monster1
"Puppet King"RareEffect Monster1
"Disciple of the Forbidden Spell"RareEffect Monster2
"Re-Fusion"RareEquip Spell Card1
"Cards of the Red Stone"RareNormal Spell Card1
"White Elephant's Gift"RareNormal Spell Card2
"Return of the Red-Eyes"RareContinuous Trap Card1
"Spikeshield with Chain"RareNormal Trap Card1
"Beckoned by the World Chalice"Normal RareNormal Monster1
"Chain Whirlwind"Normal RareNormal Trap Card1
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