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Structure Deck: Machiners Command is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the eighteenth deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series (twenty-sixth including the Character Structure Decks), following Structure Deck: Warrior's Strike. The TCG equivalent of this deck is Machina Mayhem Structure Deck.


The deck features Union monsters, and support cards are to be found in Absolute Powerforce.


Each Structure Deck: Machiners Command contains:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryQty
SD18-JP001"Machina Fortress"「マシンナーズ・フォートレス」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SD18-JP002"Machina Gearframe"「マシンナーズ・ギアフレーム」Super RareUnion monster1
SD18-JP003"Machina Peacekeeper"「マシンナーズ・ピースキーパー」Super RareUnion monster1
SD18-JP004"Scrap Recycler"「スクラップ・リサイクラー」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP005"Commander Covington"「督戦官コヴィントン」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP006"Machina Soldier"「マシンナーズ・ソルジャー」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP007"Machina Sniper"「マシンナーズ・スナイパー」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP008"Machina Defender"「マシンナーズ・ディフェンダー」CommonFlip monster1
SD18-JP009"Machina Force"「マシンナーズ・フォース」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP010"Cipher Soldier"「サイファー・スカウター」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP011"Blast Sphere"「スフィア・ボム 球体時限爆弾」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP012"Heavy Mech Support Platform"「強化支援メカ・ヘビーウェポン」CommonUnion monster2
SD18-JP013"Cyber Dragon"「サイバー・ドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP014"Proto-Cyber Dragon"「プロト・サイバー・ドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP015"Green Gadget"「グリーン・ガジェット」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP016"Red Gadget"「レッド・ガジェット」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP017"Yellow Gadget"「イエロー・ガジェット」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP018"Armored Cybern"「アーマード・サイバーン」CommonUnion monster1
SD18-JP019"Cyber Valley"「サイバー・ヴァリー」CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-JP020"Machina Armored Unit"「機甲部隊の最前線」CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-JP021"Prohibition"「禁止令」CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-JP022"Swords of Revealing Light"「光の護封剣」CommonNormal Spell Card1
SD18-JP023"Shrink"「収縮」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-JP024"Frontline Base"「前線基地」CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-JP025"Combination Attack"「コンビネーション・アタック」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-JP026"Wave-Motion Cannon"「波動キャノン」CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-JP027"Machine Duplication"「機械複製術」CommonNormal Spell Card1
SD18-JP028"Inferno Reckless Summon"「地獄の暴走召喚」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-JP029"Hand Destruction"「手札断殺」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-JP030"Card Trader"「カードトレーダー」CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-JP031"Time Machine"「時の機械-タイム・マシーン」CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-JP032"Dimensional Prison"「次元幽閉」CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-JP033"Metalmorph"「メタル化・魔法反射装甲」CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-JP034"Rare Metalmorph"「レアメタル化・魔法反射装甲」CommonContinuous Trap Card1
SD18-JP035"Ceasefire"「停戦協定」CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-JP036"Formation Union"「フォーメーション・ユニオン」CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-JP037"Compulsory Evacuation Device"「強制脱出装置」CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-JP038"Roll Out!"「ゲットライド!」CommonNormal Trap Card2

Set number English name Chinese name Rarity Category Qty
SD18-TC001 Machina Fortress 機甲要塞 Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC002 Machina Gearframe 機甲結構體 Super Rare Union monster 1
SD18-TC003 Machina Peacekeeper 機甲和平衛士 Super Rare Union monster 1
SD18-TC004 Scrap Recycler 廢鐵回收機 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC005 Commander Covington 督战官柯宾顿 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC006 Machina Soldier 機甲士兵 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC007 Machina Sniper 機甲狙擊兵 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC008 Machina Defender 機甲防衛兵 Common Flip monster 1
SD18-TC009 Machina Force 機甲武裝 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC010 Cipher Soldier 密碼尖兵 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC011 Blast Sphere Sphere Bomb 球體時限爆彈 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC012 Heavy Mech Support Platform 強化支援戰機•重裝兵器 Common Union monster 2
SD18-TC013 Cyber Dragon 電子龍 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC014 Proto-Cyber Dragon 原始電子龍 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC015 Green Gadget 綠色齒輪 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC016 Red Gadget 紅色齒輪 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC017 Yellow Gadget 黃色齒輪 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC018 Armored Cybern 武裝電子砲 Common Union monster 1
SD18-TC019 Cyber Valley 電子變形龍 Common Effect Monster 1
SD18-TC020 Machina Armored Unit Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD18-TC021 Prohibition 禁止令 Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD18-TC022 Swords of Revealing Light 光之護封劍 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD18-TC023 Shrink 收縮 Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD18-TC024 Frontline Base 前線基地 Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD18-TC025 Combination Attack 聯合攻擊 Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD18-TC026 Wave-Motion Cannon 波動加農炮 Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD18-TC027 Machine Duplication 機械複製術 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD18-TC028 Inferno Reckless Summon 地獄的暴走召喚 Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD18-TC029 Hand Destruction 手牌斷殺 Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD18-TC030 Card Trader 卡片交易商 Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD18-TC031 Time Machine 时光机-Time Machine Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD18-TC032 Dimensional Prison 次元幽禁 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD18-TC033 Metalmorph 金属化‧魔法反射装甲 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD18-TC034 Rare Metalmorph 稀有金属化‧魔法反射装甲 Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SD18-TC035 Ceasefire 停戰協定 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD18-TC036 Formation Union 同盟編隊 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD18-TC037 Compulsory Evacuation Device 強制脫出裝置 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD18-TC038 Roll Out! 騎乘! Common Normal Trap Card 2

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategoryQty
SD18-KR001"Machina Fortress""머시너즈 포트리스"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SD18-KR002"Machina Gearframe""머시너즈 기어프레임"Super RareUnion monster1
SD18-KR003"Machina Peacekeeper""머시너즈 피스키퍼"Super RareUnion monster1
SD18-KR004"Scrap Recycler""스크랩 리사이클러"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR005"Commander Covington""독전관 코빈톤"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR006"Machina Soldier""머시너즈 솔저"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR007"Machina Sniper""머시너즈 스나이퍼"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR008"Machina Defender""머시너즈 디펜더"CommonFlip monster1
SD18-KR009"Machina Force""머시너즈 포스"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR010"Cipher Soldier""사이퍼 스카우터"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR011"Blast Sphere""구체 시한폭탄"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR012"Heavy Mech Support Platform""강화지원메카 헤비웨폰"CommonUnion monster2
SD18-KR013"Cyber Dragon""사이버 드래곤"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR014"Proto-Cyber Dragon""프로토 사이버 드래곤"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR015"Green Gadget""그린 가제트"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR016"Red Gadget""레드 가제트"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR017"Yellow Gadget""옐로 가제트"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR018"Armored Cybern""아머드 사이번"CommonUnion monster1
SD18-KR019"Cyber Valley""사이버 밸리"CommonEffect Monster1
SD18-KR020"Machina Armored Unit""기갑부대의 최전선"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-KR021"Prohibition""금지령"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-KR022"Swords of Revealing Light""빛의 봉인검"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SD18-KR023"Shrink""수축"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-KR024"Frontline Base""전선기지"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-KR025"Combination Attack""콤비네이션 어택"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-KR026"Wave-Motion Cannon""파동 캐논"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-KR027"Machine Duplication""기계 복제술"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SD18-KR028"Inferno Reckless Summon""지옥의 폭주소환"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-KR029"Hand Destruction""패 좌절"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
SD18-KR030"Card Trader""카드 트레이더"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SD18-KR031"Time Machine""시간의 기계-타임머신"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-KR032"Dimensional Prison""차원 유폐"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-KR033"Metalmorph""메 탈화 마법반사장갑"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-KR034"Rare Metalmorph""레어메탈화 마법반사장갑"CommonContinuous Trap Card1
SD18-KR035"Ceasefire""정전 협정"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-KR036"Formation Union""포메이션 유니온"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-KR037"Compulsory Evacuation Device""강제 탈출 장치"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SD18-KR038"Roll Out!""겟 라이드!"CommonNormal Trap Card2

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