Structure Deck: Joey is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the second deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Yugi.


The deck contains cards used by Joey Wheeler in the anime, including two new cards ("Luminous Soldier" and "Command Knight").


Each Structure Deck: Joey contains 56 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryQty
JY-01"Red-Eyes Black Dragon"「真紅眼の黒竜」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-02"Swordsman of Landstar"「ランドスターの剣士」Super RareNormal Monster1
JY-03"Luminous Soldier"「太陽の戦士」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
JY-04"Command Knight"「コマンド・ナイト」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
JY-05"Panther Warrior"「漆黒の豹戦士パンサーウォリアー」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-06"Jinzo"「人造人間-サイコ・ショッカー」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-07"Time Wizard"「時の魔術師」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-08"Battle Warrior"「格闘戦士アルティメーター」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-09"Alligator's Sword"「ワイバーンの戦士」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-10"Baby Dragon"「ベビードラゴン」CommonNormal Monster2
JY-11"Axe Raider"「アックス・レイダー」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-12"Copycat"「ものマネ幻想師」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-13"Rocket Warrior"「ロケット戦士」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-14"Gearfried the Iron Knight"「鉄の騎士 ギア・フリード」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-15"Hayabusa Knight"「隼の騎士」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-16"Goblin Attack Force"「ゴブリン突撃部隊」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-17"Karate Man"「カラテマン」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-18"Sangan"「クリッター」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-19"Witch of the Black Forest"「黒き森のウィッチ」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-20"Penguin Soldier"「ペンギン・ソルジャー」CommonFlip monster1
JY-21"Goddess with the Third Eye"「心眼の女神」CommonEffect Monster2
JY-22"Scapegoat"「スケープ・ゴート」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
JY-23"Axe of Despair"「デーモンの斧」CommonEquip Spell Card1
JY-24"Pot of Greed"「強欲な壺」CommonNormal Spell Card1
JY-25"Giant Trunade"「ハリケーン」CommonNormal Spell Card2
JY-26"Polymerization"「融合」CommonNormal Spell Card2
JY-27"Dark Hole"「ブラック・ホール」CommonNormal Spell Card1
JY-28"Graceful Dice"「天使のサイコロ」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card1
JY-29"Skull Dice"「悪魔のサイコロ」CommonNormal Trap Card1
JY-30"Trap Hole"「落とし穴」CommonNormal Trap Card2
JY-31"Kunai with Chain"「鎖付きブーメラン」CommonNormal Trap Card1
JY-32"Graverobber"「墓荒らし」CommonNormal Trap Card1
JY-33"Call of the Haunted"「リビングデッドの呼び声」CommonContinuous Trap Card1
JY-34"Dust Tornado"「砂塵の大竜巻」CommonNormal Trap Card2
JY-35"Fairy's Hand Mirror"「天使の手鏡」CommonNormal Trap Card1
JY-36"Magical Arm Shield"「マジックアーム・シールド」CommonNormal Trap Card1
JY-37"Thousand Dragon"「千年竜」CommonFusion Monster1
JY-38"Alligator's Sword Dragon"「ドラゴンに乗るワイバーン」CommonEffect Fusion Monster1
JY-39"Rock Ogre Grotto #1"「岩窟魔人オーガ・ロック」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-40"Armored Lizard"「鎧蜥蜴」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-41"Garoozis"「ガルーザス」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-42"Tiger Axe"「タイガー・アックス」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-43"Milus Radiant"「ミリス・レディエント」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-44"Shield & Sword"「右手に盾を左手に剣を」CommonNormal Spell Card1
JY-45"Gaia Power"「ガイアパワー」CommonField Spell Card1
JY-46"Fusion Sage"「融合賢者」CommonNormal Spell Card1
JY-47"Nobleman of Crossout"「抹殺の使徒」CommonNormal Spell Card2
JY-48"Fake Trap"「偽物のわな」CommonNormal Trap Card1
JY-49"Ultimate Offering"「血の代償」CommonContinuous Trap Card1

Cards JY-01 - JY-36 comprise the Main Deck, JY-37 - JY-38 comprise the Extra Deck and JY-39 - JY-49 comprise the Side Deck. The second copies of 'Giant Trunade' and 'Goddess with the Third Eye' are included in the Side Deck.

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