Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi 65-67 Lose (posessed by Marik Ishtar)

Strings uses a Slifer Deck, which focuses on getting cards in Strings' hand to increase the ATK of "Slifer the Sky Dragon" to terrifyingly high levels, making it virtually invincible. Other than that, it appears to be a Slime Deck, focused on defending until Strings can draw and Summon "Slifer". The amorphous forms of the Slimes could represent Strings' mind being formed and shaped by Marik.

Strings' ultimate strategy is to get five specific cards out onto the field, which, in the manga and original Japanese anime, is called the "God Five" combo. These five cards are as follows:

  • "Slifer": The main attack force with nearly unlimited ATK, also able to severely weaken if not outright destroy the opponent's monsters even on the opponent's turn.
  • "Revival Jam": The ultimate defense, to block any attack or counterattack and immediately revive itself afterward.
  • "Jam Defender": To allow "Revival Jam" to intercept any attack or counterattack aimed at "Slifer".
  • "Card of Safe Return": Each time "Revival Jam" revives, Strings draws three cards, allowing "Slifer" to gain 3000 extra ATK.
  • "Infinite Cards": Removes the six-card hand limit, allowing the ATK of "Slifer" to climb virtually without limit.

However, despite Marik's claim that this combo will allow "Slifer" to be completely indestructible, Yami Yugi proved otherwise, as he took control of "Revival Jam", forcing the effect of "Slifer" to constantly destroy the reviving monster, while Strings' own "Card of Safe Return" forced him to keep drawing until a Deck out occurred, thus causing him to lose. According to Kaiba, the combo's greatest weakness is that the ATK of "Slifer" is limited by the number of cards within the player's Deck.

Yami Marik re-uses various cards used by Strings during the Battle City finals.



Manga Deck

Video games

Worldwide Edition

The other half of the deck is composed of random Normal Monsters.


The Sacred Cards


Reshef of Destruction


World Championship Tournament 2004

World Championship Tournament 2004 Deck

The Dawn of Destiny


World Championship Tournament 2005


Strings uses a beatdown deck with powerful spells/traps as support. Half of his monsters are Fiend-Type, so you can use Exile of the Wicked/Tribe-Infecting Virus to clear the field of them.

Nightmare Troubadour

Aqua Slime Deck (Version 1)
Aqua Slime Deck (Version 2)

Deck Recipe

The Formless


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 A second copy can be seen in the anime after Strings drops his hand while Yami is explaining his infinite loop combo in episode 67.
  2. The artwork of this card was mistakenly that of "De-Fusion" in the English version of the anime.
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