Steelswarm Sting
インヴェルズの (せん) (えい)
English Steelswarm Sting
French Aiguillon Colonie de Chrome
German Stahlschar-Stachel
Italian Pungiglione Brancoacciaio
Korean 인벨즈의 첨예
Spanish Aguijón Horda de Acero
Japanese (kana) インヴェルズのせんえい
Japanese (base) インヴェルズの先鋭
Japanese (rōmaji) Inveruzu no Sen'ei
Japanese (translated) Sharp of the Inverz
Card type Monster
Attribute DARK DARK.svg
Types Fiend / Effect
Level 4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 1850 / 0
Passcode 35618486
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5D's Tag Force 52010-09-16Steelswarm SharpPresent
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