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Starter Deck 2008 is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the third deck in the OCG's annual Starter Deck series, following Starter Deck 2007. The TCG equivalent of this deck is Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.



Each Starter Deck 2008 contains 43 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
YSD3-JP001 Tune Warrior チューン・ウォリアー Common Normal Tuner monster
YSD3-JP002 Water Spirit ウォーター・スピリット Common Normal Tuner monster
YSD3-JP003 Axe Raider アックス・レイダー Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP004 Dark Blade (やみ) () (かい) (せん) () ダークソード Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP005 Charcoal Inpachi (だい) (もく) (たん) (イン) (パチ) Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP006 Harpie Girl ハーピィ・ガール Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP007 Spiral Serpent スパイラルドラゴン Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World (あん) (こく) (かい) (ばん) (ぺい) レンジ Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP009 Atlantean Pikeman (かい) (おう) (なが) (やり) (へい) Common Normal Monster
YSD3-JP010 Sonic Chick ロードランナー Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP011 Junk Synchron ジャンク・シンクロン Common Effect Tuner monster
YSD3-JP012 Speed Warrior スピード・ウォリアー Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP013 Magna Drago 炎龍 (マグナ・ドラゴ) Common Effect Tuner monster
YSD3-JP014 Frequency Magician マジカルフィシアリスト Common Effect Tuner monster
YSD3-JP015 Copycat ものマネ (げん) (そう) () Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP016 UFO Turtle UFOタートル Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP017 Mystic Tomato キラー・トマト Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP018 Marauding Captain () () (たい) (ちょう) Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP019 Exiled Force ならず (もの) (よう) (へい) () (たい) Common Effect Monster
YSD3-JP020 Synchro Boost シンクロ・ヒーロー Common Equip Spell Card
YSD3-JP021 Synchro Blast Wave (せい) (しん) (どう) 調 (ちょう) () Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-JP022 Synchronized Realm コモンメンタルワールド Common Continuous Spell Card
YSD3-JP023 Dian Keto the Cure Master () (りょう) (かみ) ディアン・ケト Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-JP024 Tremendous Fire () (えん) () (ごく) Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-JP025 Demotion (こう) (かく) (しょ) (ぶん) Common Equip Spell Card
YSD3-JP026 Monster Reincarnation () (しゃ) (てん) (せい) Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-JP027 Lightning Vortex ライトニング・ボルテックス Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-JP028 Tornado トルネード Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD3-JP029 Twister ツイスター Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD3-JP030 Double Summon 二重召喚 (デュアルサモン) Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-JP031 Symbols of Duty (せん) (せん) (ふっ) (かつ) (だい) (しょう) Common Equip Spell Card
YSD3-JP032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow くず (てつ) のかかし Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-JP033 Miniaturize ミニチュアライズ Common Continuous Trap Card
YSD3-JP034 Spellbinding Circle (ろく) (ぼう) (せい) (じゅ) (ばく) Common Continuous Trap Card
YSD3-JP035 Backup Soldier () (じゅう) (よう) (いん) Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-JP036 Trap Hole () とし (あな) Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-JP037 Sakuretsu Armor 炸裂装甲 (リアクティブアーマー) Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-JP038 Divine Wrath (てん) (ばつ) Common Counter Trap Card
YSD3-JP039 Good Goblin Housekeeping ゴブリンのやりくり (じょう) () Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-JP040 Birthright (せい) (とう) なる (けっ) (とう) Common Continuous Trap Card
YSD3-JP041 Junk Warrior ジャンク・ウォリアー Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
YSD3-JP042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth (だい) () () () ガイアナイト Super Rare Synchro Monster
YSD3-JP043 Colossal Fighter ギガンテック・ファイター Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
YSD3-KR001 Tune Warrior 튠 워리어 Common Normal Tuner monster
YSD3-KR002 Water Spirit 워터 스피릿 Common Normal Tuner monster
YSD3-KR003 Axe Raider 엑스 레이더 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR004 Dark Blade 암흑 마계의 전사 다크 스워드 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR005 Charcoal Inpachi 대목탄18 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR006 Harpie Girl 해피 걸 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR007 Spiral Serpent 스파이럴드래곤 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World 암흑계의 파수병 렌지 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR009 Atlantean Pikeman 해황의 장창병 Common Normal Monster
YSD3-KR010 Sonic Chick 로드 러너 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR011 Junk Synchron 정크 싱크론 Common Effect Tuner monster
YSD3-KR012 Speed Warrior 스피드 워리어 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR013 Magna Drago 마그나 드라고 Common Effect Tuner monster
YSD3-KR014 Frequency Magician 매지컬 피시어리스트 Common Effect Tuner monster
YSD3-KR015 Copycat 흉내쟁이 환술사 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR016 UFO Turtle UFO터틀 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR017 Mystic Tomato 킬러 토마토 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR018 Marauding Captain 선봉 대장 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR019 Exiled Force 반란 용병 부대 Common Effect Monster
YSD3-KR020 Synchro Boost 싱크로 히어로 Common Equip Spell Card
YSD3-KR021 Synchro Blast Wave 정신동조파 Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-KR022 Synchronized Realm 커먼멘탈 월드 Common Continuous Spell Card
YSD3-KR023 Dian Keto the Cure Master 치료의 신 다이안 켓 Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-KR024 Tremendous Fire 화염 지옥 Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-KR025 Demotion 강격처분 Common Equip Spell Card
YSD3-KR026 Monster Reincarnation 죽은 자의 환생 Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-KR027 Lightning Vortex 라이트닝 보텍스 Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-KR028 Tornado 토네이도 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD3-KR029 Twister 트위스터 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
YSD3-KR030 Double Summon 이중소환 Common Normal Spell Card
YSD3-KR031 Symbols of Duty 전선부활의 제물 Common Equip Spell Card
YSD3-KR032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow 고철의 허수아비 Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-KR033 Miniaturize 미니어처 라이즈 Common Continuous Trap Card
YSD3-KR034 Spellbinding Circle 육망성의저주 Common Continuous Trap Card
YSD3-KR035 Backup Soldier 보충 요원 Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-KR036 Trap Hole 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-KR037 Sakuretsu Armor 작렬 장갑 Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-KR038 Divine Wrath 천벌 Common Counter Trap Card
YSD3-KR039 Good Goblin Housekeeping 고블린의 운영 실력 Common Normal Trap Card
YSD3-KR040 Birthright 정통한 혈통 Common Continuous Trap Card
YSD3-KR041 Junk Warrior 정크 워리어 Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
YSD3-KR042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth 대지의 기사 가이아 나이트 Super Rare Synchro Monster
YSD3-KR043 Colossal Fighter 기간테크 파이터 Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

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