Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the second deck in the TCG's annual Starter Deck series (tenth overall), following Starter Deck - Jaden Yuki and Starter Deck - Syrus Truesdale. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Starter Deck 2008 in the OCG.


A few of the cards included are used by Yusei Fudo in the anime.


Each Starter Deck: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's contains 43 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number Name Rarity Category
5DS1-EN001 Tune Warrior Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-EN002 Water Spirit Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-EN003 Axe Raider Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN004 Dark Blade Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN005 Charcoal Inpachi Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN006 Woodborg Inpachi Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN007 Spiral Serpent Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN009 Atlantean Pikeman Common Normal Monster
5DS1-EN010 Sonic Chick Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN011 Junk Synchron Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-EN012 Speed Warrior Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN013 Magna Drago Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-EN014 Frequency Magician Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-EN015 Copycat Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN016 UFO Turtle Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN017 Mystic Tomato Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN018 Marauding Captain Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN019 Exiled Force Common Effect Monster
5DS1-EN020 Synchro Boost Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-EN021 Synchro Blast Wave Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-EN022 Synchronized Realm Common Continuous Spell Card
5DS1-EN023 The Warrior Returning Alive Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-EN024 Smashing Ground Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-EN025 Rush Recklessly Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-EN026 Monster Reincarnation Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-EN027 Lightning Vortex Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-EN028 Twister Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-EN029 Double Summon Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-EN030 Symbols of Duty Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-EN031 Threatening Roar Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-EN032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-EN033 Miniaturize Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-EN034 Spellbinding Circle Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-EN035 Backup Soldier Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-EN036 Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-EN037 Sakuretsu Armor Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-EN038 Divine Wrath Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-EN039 Seven Tools of the Bandit Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-EN040 Birthright Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-EN041 Junk Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
5DS1-EN042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Super Rare Synchro Monster
5DS1-EN043 Colossal Fighter Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

Set number English name French name Rarity Category
5DS1-FR001 Tune Warrior Guerrier Syntoniseur Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-FR002 Water Spirit Gremlin des Eaux Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-FR003 Axe Raider Axe Raider Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR004 Dark Blade Sombrelame Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR005 Charcoal Inpachi Charbon d'Inpachi Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR006 Woodborg Inpachi Inpachi Technobois Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR007 Spiral Serpent Serpent Spirale Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World Renge, Sentinelle du Monde Ténébreux Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR009 Atlantean Pikeman Lancier de l'Atlantide Common Normal Monster
5DS1-FR010 Sonic Chick Bip Bip Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR011 Junk Synchron Robot Synchronique Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-FR012 Speed Warrior Guerrier de Célérité Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR013 Magna Drago Dragon Magma Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-FR014 Frequency Magician Magicien des Fréquences Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-FR015 Copycat Copiechat Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR016 UFO Turtle Tortue OVNI Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR017 Mystic Tomato Tomate Mystique Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR018 Marauding Captain Capitaine en Maraude Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR019 Exiled Force La Troupe Exilée Common Effect Monster
5DS1-FR020 Synchro Boost Turbo Synchro Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-FR021 Synchro Blast Wave Vague Mentale Fréquentielle Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-FR022 Synchronized Realm Royaume Psychique Common Continuous Spell Card
5DS1-FR023 The Warrior Returning Alive Le Guerrier Réincarné Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-FR024 Smashing Ground Destruction Terrestre Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-FR025 Rush Recklessly Charge Intrépide Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-FR026 Monster Reincarnation Réincarnation de Monstre Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-FR027 Lightning Vortex Vortex Foudroyant Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-FR028 Twister Tourbillon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-FR029 Double Summon Double Invocation Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-FR030 Symbols of Duty Symboles du Devoir Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-FR031 Threatening Roar Rugissement Menaçant Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-FR032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Épouvantail de Ferraille Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-FR033 Miniaturize Miniaturisation Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-FR034 Spellbinding Circle Cercle Envoûtant Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-FR035 Backup Soldier Soldat de Réserve Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-FR036 Trap Hole Trappe Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-FR037 Sakuretsu Armor Armure de Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-FR038 Divine Wrath Colère Divine Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-FR039 Seven Tools of the Bandit Sept Outils du Bandit Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-FR040 Birthright Droit d'ainesse Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-FR041 Junk Warrior Robot Guerrier Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
5DS1-FR042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Chevalier Gaia, Force de la Terre Super Rare Synchro Monster
5DS1-FR043 Colossal Fighter Guerrier Colossal Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
5DS1-DE001 Tune Warrior Empfängerkrieger Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-DE002 Water Spirit Geist des Wassers Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-DE003 Axe Raider Axträuber Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE004 Dark Blade Dunkelklinge Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE005 Charcoal Inpachi Holzkohle-Inpachi Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE006 Woodborg Inpachi Holzborg Inpachi Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE007 Spiral Serpent Spiralschlange Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World Renge, Torhüter der finsteren Welt Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE009 Atlantean Pikeman Atlantischer Pikenier Common Normal Monster
5DS1-DE010 Sonic Chick Klanghühnchen Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE011 Junk Synchron Gerümpelsynchronisierer Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-DE012 Speed Warrior Tempokrieger Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE013 Magna Drago Magnadrache Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-DE014 Frequency Magician Frequenzmagier Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-DE015 Copycat Nachäffer Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE016 UFO Turtle Ufo-Schildkröte Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE017 Mystic Tomato Mystische Tomate Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE018 Marauding Captain Plündernder Hauptmann Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE019 Exiled Force Truppen im Exil Common Effect Monster
5DS1-DE020 Synchro Boost Synchro-Stärkung Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-DE021 Synchro Blast Wave Synchro-Druckwelle Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-DE022 Synchronized Realm Synchronisiertes Gebiet Common Continuous Spell Card
5DS1-DE023 The Warrior Returning Alive Der lebendig heimkehrende Krieger Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-DE024 Smashing Ground Aufschlagen Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-DE025 Rush Recklessly Waghalsig voranstürmen Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-DE026 Monster Reincarnation Monster-Reinkarnation Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-DE027 Lightning Vortex Blitzeinschlag Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-DE028 Twister Twister Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-DE029 Double Summon Doppelbeschwörung Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-DE030 Symbols of Duty Symbole der Pflicht Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-DE031 Threatening Roar Angsteinjagendes Gebrüll Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-DE032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Eisenschrott-Vogelscheuche Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-DE033 Miniaturize Miniaturisieren Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-DE034 Spellbinding Circle Faszinierender Kreis Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-DE035 Backup Soldier Ersatzsoldat Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-DE036 Trap Hole Fallgrube Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-DE037 Sakuretsu Armor Sakuretsu-Rüstung Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-DE038 Divine Wrath Göttlicher Zorn Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-DE039 Seven Tools of the Bandit Sieben Werkzeuge des Banditen Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-DE040 Birthright Geburtsrecht Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-DE041 Junk Warrior Gerümpelkrieger Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
5DS1-DE042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Gaia-Ritter, die Kraft der Erde Super Rare Synchro Monster
5DS1-DE043 Colossal Fighter Kolossaler Kämpfer Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
5DS1-IT001 Tune Warrior Guerriero Sintonia Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-IT002 Water Spirit Spirito dell'Acqua Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-IT003 Axe Raider Predone d'Ascia Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT004 Dark Blade Lama Oscura Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT005 Charcoal Inpachi Inpachi Carbone Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT006 Woodborg Inpachi Inpachi Cyborg di Legno Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT007 Spiral Serpent Serpente Spirale Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World Renge, Custode del Mondo Oscuro Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT009 Atlantean Pikeman Picchiere Atlantico Common Normal Monster
5DS1-IT010 Sonic Chick Pulcino Sonico Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT011 Junk Synchron Rottame Synchron Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-IT012 Speed Warrior Guerriero Velocizzato Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT013 Magna Drago Drago Magno Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-IT014 Frequency Magician Mago delle Frequenze Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-IT015 Copycat Copiatore Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT016 UFO Turtle Tartaruga UFO Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT017 Mystic Tomato Pomodoro Mistico Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT018 Marauding Captain Capitano Saccheggiatore Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT019 Exiled Force Forza Esiliata Common Effect Monster
5DS1-IT020 Synchro Boost Potenziamento Synchro Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-IT021 Synchro Blast Wave Onda Esplosiva Synchro Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-IT022 Synchronized Realm Reame Synchro Common Continuous Spell Card
5DS1-IT023 The Warrior Returning Alive Il Guerriero Sopravvissuto Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-IT024 Smashing Ground Schiacciare Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-IT025 Rush Recklessly Corsa Avventata Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-IT026 Monster Reincarnation Mostro Reincarnato Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-IT027 Lightning Vortex Fulmine Boltex Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-IT028 Twister Turbine Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-IT029 Double Summon Doppia Evocazione Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-IT030 Symbols of Duty Simboli del Dovere Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-IT031 Threatening Roar Ruggito Minaccioso Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-IT032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Spaventapasseri di Ferraglia Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-IT033 Miniaturize Miniaturizzatore Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-IT034 Spellbinding Circle Cerchio Incantatore Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-IT035 Backup Soldier Soldato di Riserva Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-IT036 Trap Hole Buco Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-IT037 Sakuretsu Armor Armatura Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-IT038 Divine Wrath Ira Divina Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-IT039 Seven Tools of the Bandit I Sette Attrezzi del Bandito Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-IT040 Birthright Diritto di Nascita Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-IT041 Junk Warrior Guerriero Rottame Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
5DS1-IT042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Cavaliere Gaia, la Forza della Terra Super Rare Synchro Monster
5DS1-IT043 Colossal Fighter Combattente Colossale Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
5DS1-SP001 Tune Warrior Guerrero de la Canción Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-SP002 Water Spirit Espíritu de Agua Common Normal Tuner monster
5DS1-SP003 Axe Raider Incursor del Hacha Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP004 Dark Blade Hoja Oscura Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP005 Charcoal Inpachi Inpachi de Carbón Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP006 Woodborg Inpachi Inpachi Maderaborg Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP007 Spiral Serpent Serpiente Espiral Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP008 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World Renge, Custodio del Mundo Oscuro Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP009 Atlantean Pikeman Piquero de Atlantis Common Normal Monster
5DS1-SP010 Sonic Chick Pollo Sónico Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP011 Junk Synchron Sincronizador de Basura Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-SP012 Speed Warrior Guerrero de la Velocidad Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP013 Magna Drago Magna Dragón Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-SP014 Frequency Magician Mago de la Frecuencia Common Effect Tuner monster
5DS1-SP015 Copycat Imitador Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP016 UFO Turtle Tortuga OVNI Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP017 Mystic Tomato Tomate Místico Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP018 Marauding Captain Capitán Merodeador Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP019 Exiled Force Fuerza Exiliada Common Effect Monster
5DS1-SP020 Synchro Boost Aumento de la Sincronía Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-SP021 Synchro Blast Wave Ola de Choque de la Sincronía Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-SP022 Synchronized Realm Reino Sincronizado Common Continuous Spell Card
5DS1-SP023 The Warrior Returning Alive El Guerrero Volviendo Con Vida Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-SP024 Smashing Ground Aplastando el Suelo Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-SP025 Rush Recklessly Arremetida Imprudente Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-SP026 Monster Reincarnation Monstruo Reencarnado Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-SP027 Lightning Vortex Vórtice de Relámpago Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-SP028 Twister Torbellino Common Quick-Play Spell Card
5DS1-SP029 Double Summon Invocación Doble Common Normal Spell Card
5DS1-SP030 Symbols of Duty Símbolos del Deber Common Equip Spell Card
5DS1-SP031 Threatening Roar Rugido Amenazante Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-SP032 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Espantapájaros de Chatarra Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-SP033 Miniaturize Miniaturizar Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-SP034 Spellbinding Circle Círculo Atahechizos Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-SP035 Backup Soldier Soldado de Apoyo Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-SP036 Trap Hole Agujero Trampa Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-SP037 Sakuretsu Armor Armadura Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card
5DS1-SP038 Divine Wrath Ira Divina Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-SP039 Seven Tools of the Bandit Siete Herramientas del Bandido Common Counter Trap Card
5DS1-SP040 Birthright Derecho de Nacimiento Common Continuous Trap Card
5DS1-SP041 Junk Warrior Guerrero de Basura Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
5DS1-SP042 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Caballero Gaia, la Fuerza de la Tierra Super Rare Synchro Monster
5DS1-SP043 Colossal Fighter Luchador Colosal Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster

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