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Starter Deck: Pegasus is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). Released alongside Starter Deck: Joey, they are the third and fourth deck in the TCG's Starter Deck series, following Starter Deck: Yugi and Starter Deck: Kaiba. It is also released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Korean.


The deck contains cards used by Maximillion Pegasus in the anime, including a variety of Toon monsters.


Each Starter Deck: Pegasus contains 50 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number Name Rarity Category
SDP-001 Relinquished Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
SDP-002 Red Archery Girl Common Normal Monster
SDP-003 Ryu-Ran Common Normal Monster
SDP-004 Illusionist Faceless Mage Common Normal Monster
SDP-005 Rogue Doll Common Normal Monster
SDP-006 Uraby Common Normal Monster
SDP-007 Giant Soldier of Stone Common Normal Monster
SDP-008 Aqua Madoor Common Normal Monster
SDP-009 Toon Alligator Common Normal Monster
SDP-010 Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
SDP-011 Sonic Bird Common Effect Monster
SDP-012 Jigen Bakudan Common Effect Monster
SDP-013 Mask of Darkness Common Flip monster
SDP-014 Witch of the Black Forest Common Effect Monster
SDP-015 Man-Eater Bug Common Flip monster
SDP-016 Muka Muka Common Effect Monster
SDP-017 Dream Clown Common Effect Monster
SDP-018 Armed Ninja Common Flip monster
SDP-019 Hiro's Shadow Scout Common Flip monster
SDP-020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Common Toon monster
SDP-021 Toon Summoned Skull Common Toon monster
SDP-022 Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
SDP-023 Toon Mermaid Common Toon monster
SDP-024 Toon World Common Continuous Spell Card
SDP-025 Black Pendant Common Equip Spell Card
SDP-026 Dark Hole Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-028 Fissure Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-029 De-Spell Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-030 Change of Heart Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-031 Stop Defense Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-032 Mystical Space Typhoon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDP-033 Rush Recklessly Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDP-034 Remove Trap Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-035 Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-036 Soul Release Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-037 Yami Common Field Spell Card
SDP-038 Black Illusion Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
SDP-039 Ring of Magnetism Common Equip Spell Card
SDP-040 Graceful Charity Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SDP-041 Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-042 Reinforcements Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-043 Castle Walls Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-044 Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-045 Seven Tools of the Bandit Common Counter Trap Card
SDP-046 Ultimate Offering Common Continuous Trap Card
SDP-047 Robbin' Goblin Common Continuous Trap Card
SDP-048 Magic Jammer Common Counter Trap Card
SDP-049 Enchanted Javelin Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-050 Gryphon Wing Super Rare Normal Trap Card

Set number English name French name Rarity Category
DDP-F001 Relinquished Le Renoncé Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DDP-F002 Red Archery Girl Archère Pourpre Common Normal Monster
DDP-F003 Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Common Normal Monster
DDP-F004 Illusionist Faceless Mage Mage Illusionniste Anonyme Common Normal Monster
DDP-F005 Rogue Doll Poupée Brigande Common Normal Monster
DDP-F006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
DDP-F007 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldat Géant de Pierre Common Normal Monster
DDP-F008 Aqua Madoor Aqua Madoor Common Normal Monster
DDP-F009 Toon Alligator Alligator Toon Common Normal Monster
DDP-F010 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
DDP-F011 Sonic Bird Oiseau Supersonique Common Effect Monster
DDP-F012 Jigen Bakudan Jigen Bakudan Common Effect Monster
DDP-F013 Mask of Darkness Masque des Ténèbres Common Flip monster
DDP-F014 Witch of the Black Forest Sorcière de la Forêt Noire Common Effect Monster
DDP-F015 Man-Eater Bug Insecte Mangeur d'Hommes Common Flip monster
DDP-F016 Muka Muka Muka Muka Common Effect Monster
DDP-F017 Dream Clown Clown de Rêve Common Effect Monster
DDP-F018 Armed Ninja Ninja Armé Common Flip monster
DDP-F019 Hiro's Shadow Scout Éclaireur de Hiro Common Flip monster
DDP-F020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Dragon Toon aux Yeux Bleus Common Toon monster
DDP-F021 Toon Summoned Skull Crâne Invoqué Toon Common Toon monster
DDP-F022 Manga Ryu-Ran Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
DDP-F023 Toon Mermaid Sirène Toon Common Toon monster
DDP-F024 Toon World Monde des Toons Common Continuous Spell Card
DDP-F025 Black Pendant Pendentif Noir Common Equip Spell Card
DDP-F026 Dark Hole Trou Noir Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto le Maître Guérisseur Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F028 Fissure Fissure Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F029 De-Spell Exorcisme Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F030 Change of Heart Changement de Cœur Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F031 Stop Defense Stop Défense Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F032 Mystical Space Typhoon Typhon d'Espace Mystique Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DDP-F033 Rush Recklessly Charge Intrépide Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DDP-F034 Remove Trap Piège Supprimé Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F035 Monster Reborn Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F036 Soul Release Libération d'Âme Common Normal Spell Card
DDP-F037 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
DDP-F038 Black Illusion Ritual Rituel de la Noire Illusion Common Ritual Spell Card
DDP-F039 Ring of Magnetism Anneau de Magnétisme Common Equip Spell Card
DDP-F040 Graceful Charity Charité Gracieuse Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DDP-F041 Trap Hole Trappe Common Normal Trap Card
DDP-F042 Reinforcements Renforts Common Normal Trap Card
DDP-F043 Castle Walls Enceinte de Château Common Normal Trap Card
DDP-F044 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
DDP-F045 Seven Tools of the Bandit Sept Outils du Bandit Common Counter Trap Card
DDP-F046 Ultimate Offering Offrande Suprême Common Continuous Trap Card
DDP-F047 Robbin' Goblin Gobelin de Robbin Common Continuous Trap Card
DDP-F048 Magic Jammer Brouilleur Magique Common Counter Trap Card
DDP-F049 Enchanted Javelin Javelot Enchanté Common Normal Trap Card
DDP-F050 Gryphon Wing Aile de Gryphon Super Rare Normal Trap Card

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
SDP-G001 Relinquished Aufgegeben Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
SDP-G002 Red Archery Girl Rote Bogenschützin Common Normal Monster
SDP-G003 Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Common Normal Monster
SDP-G004 Illusionist Faceless Mage Gesichtsloser Illusionist Common Normal Monster
SDP-G005 Rogue Doll Höllenwesenpuppe Common Normal Monster
SDP-G006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
SDP-G007 Giant Soldier of Stone Riesen-Steinsoldat Common Normal Monster
SDP-G008 Aqua Madoor Aqua Madoor Common Normal Monster
SDP-G009 Toon Alligator Toon-Alligator Common Normal Monster
SDP-G010 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
SDP-G011 Sonic Bird Klangvogel Common Effect Monster
SDP-G012 Jigen Bakudan Jigen Bakudan Common Effect Monster
SDP-G013 Mask of Darkness Maske der Finsternis Common Flip monster
SDP-G014 Witch of the Black Forest Hexe vom schwarzen Wald Common Effect Monster
SDP-G015 Man-Eater Bug Menschenfresserkäfer Common Flip monster
SDP-G016 Muka Muka Muka Muka Common Effect Monster
SDP-G017 Dream Clown Traumclown Common Effect Monster
SDP-G018 Armed Ninja Bewaffneter Ninja Common Flip monster
SDP-G019 Hiro's Shadow Scout Hiros Schattenspäher Common Flip monster
SDP-G020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Blauäugiger Toon-Drache Common Toon monster
SDP-G021 Toon Summoned Skull Herbeigerufener Toon-Schädel Common Toon monster
SDP-G022 Manga Ryu-Ran Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
SDP-G023 Toon Mermaid Toon-Jungfrau Common Toon monster
SDP-G024 Toon World Toon-Welt Common Continuous Spell Card
SDP-G025 Black Pendant Schwarzer Anhänger Common Equip Spell Card
SDP-G026 Dark Hole Schwarzes Loch Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto, Meisterheiler Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G028 Fissure Spalt Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G029 De-Spell Fluchzerstörer Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G030 Change of Heart Überläufer Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G031 Stop Defense Verteidigung stoppen Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G032 Mystical Space Typhoon Mystischer Raum-Taifun Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDP-G033 Rush Recklessly Waghalsig voranstürmen Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDP-G034 Remove Trap Falle entfernen Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G035 Monster Reborn Wiedergeburt Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G036 Soul Release Seelenerlöser Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-G037 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
SDP-G038 Black Illusion Ritual Schwarze-Illusion-Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
SDP-G039 Ring of Magnetism Ring des Magnetismus Common Equip Spell Card
SDP-G040 Graceful Charity Elegante Wohltäterin Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SDP-G041 Trap Hole Fallgrube Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-G042 Reinforcements Verstärkungen Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-G043 Castle Walls Burgmauern Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-G044 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-G045 Seven Tools of the Bandit Sieben Werkzeuge des Banditen Common Counter Trap Card
SDP-G046 Ultimate Offering Letzes Angebot Common Continuous Trap Card
SDP-G047 Robbin' Goblin Raubender Goblin Common Continuous Trap Card
SDP-G048 Magic Jammer Magische Störung Common Counter Trap Card
SDP-G049 Enchanted Javelin Verzauberter Speer Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-G050 Gryphon Wing Greifenschwinge Super Rare Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
MIP-I001 Relinquished Abbandono Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
MIP-I002 Red Archery Girl Ragazza Arciere Common Normal Monster
MIP-I003 Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Common Normal Monster
MIP-I004 Illusionist Faceless Mage Mago Senza Volto Illusionista Common Normal Monster
MIP-I005 Rogue Doll Bambola Mortale Common Normal Monster
MIP-I006 Uraby Urabysauro Common Normal Monster
MIP-I007 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldato di Pietra Common Normal Monster
MIP-I008 Aqua Madoor Mago delle Acque Common Normal Monster
MIP-I009 Toon Alligator Alligatore Toon Common Normal Monster
MIP-I010 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
MIP-I011 Sonic Bird Uccello Sonico Common Effect Monster
MIP-I012 Jigen Bakudan Jigen Bakudan Common Effect Monster
MIP-I013 Mask of Darkness Maschera dell'Oscurità Common Flip monster
MIP-I014 Witch of the Black Forest Strega della Foresta Nera Common Effect Monster
MIP-I015 Man-Eater Bug Insetto Mangia-Uomini Common Flip monster
MIP-I016 Muka Muka Muka Muka Common Effect Monster
MIP-I017 Dream Clown Clown del Sogno Common Effect Monster
MIP-I018 Armed Ninja Ninja Armato Common Flip monster
MIP-I019 Hiro's Shadow Scout Esploratore-Ombra di Hiro Common Flip monster
MIP-I020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Drago Toon Occhi Blu Common Toon monster
MIP-I021 Toon Summoned Skull Teschio Evocato Toon Common Toon monster
MIP-I022 Manga Ryu-Ran Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
MIP-I023 Toon Mermaid Sirena Toon Common Toon monster
MIP-I024 Toon World Mondo Toon Common Continuous Spell Card
MIP-I025 Black Pendant Pendente Nero Common Equip Spell Card
MIP-I026 Dark Hole Buco Nero Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto il Curatore Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I028 Fissure Spaccatura Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I029 De-Spell Annulla Carta Magia Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I030 Change of Heart Cambiare Idea Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I031 Stop Defense Blocca Difesa Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I032 Mystical Space Typhoon Tifone Spaziale Mistico Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MIP-I033 Rush Recklessly Corsa Avventata Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MIP-I034 Remove Trap Rimuovi Trappola Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I035 Monster Reborn Mostro Resuscitato Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I036 Soul Release Rilascio delle Anime Common Normal Spell Card
MIP-I037 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
MIP-I038 Black Illusion Ritual Rito Illusione Nera Common Ritual Spell Card
MIP-I039 Ring of Magnetism Anello del Magnetismo Common Equip Spell Card
MIP-I040 Graceful Charity Carità Graziosa Super Rare Normal Spell Card
MIP-I041 Trap Hole Buco Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
MIP-I042 Reinforcements Rinforzi Common Normal Trap Card
MIP-I043 Castle Walls Mura del Castello Common Normal Trap Card
MIP-I044 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
MIP-I045 Seven Tools of the Bandit I Sette Attrezzi del Bandito Common Counter Trap Card
MIP-I046 Ultimate Offering Ultima Offerta Common Continuous Trap Card
MIP-I047 Robbin' Goblin Goblin Ladro Common Continuous Trap Card
MIP-I048 Magic Jammer Disturbo Magico Common Counter Trap Card
MIP-I049 Enchanted Javelin Lancia Incantata Common Normal Trap Card
MIP-I050 Gryphon Wing Ali di Grifone Super Rare Normal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
DIP-P001"Relinquished""Renunciado"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DIP-P002"Red Archery Girl""Garota Arqueira Vermelha"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P003"Ryu-Ran""Ryu-Ran"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P004"Illusionist Faceless Mage""Mago Ilusionista Sem Rosto"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P005"Rogue Doll""Boneca Marota"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P006"Uraby""Uraby"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P007"Giant Soldier of Stone""Soldado de Pedra Gigante"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P008"Aqua Madoor""Aqua Madoor"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P009"Toon Alligator""Jacaré Toon"CommonNormal Monster
DIP-P010"Hane-Hane""Hane-Hane"CommonFlip monster
DIP-P011"Sonic Bird""Pássaro Sônico"CommonEffect Monster
DIP-P012"Jigen Bakudan""Jigen Bakudan"CommonFlip monster
DIP-P013"Mask of Darkness""Máscara das Trevas"CommonFlip monster
DIP-P014"Witch of the Black Forest""Bruxa da Floresta Negra"CommonEffect Monster
DIP-P015"Man-Eater Bug""Inseto Devorador de Homens"CommonFlip monster
DIP-P016"Muka Muka""Muka Muka"CommonEffect Monster
DIP-P017"Dream Clown""Palhaço dos Sonhos"CommonEffect Monster
DIP-P018"Armed Ninja""Ninja Armado"CommonFlip monster
DIP-P019"Hiro's Shadow Scout""Escuteiro das Sombras de Hiro"CommonFlip monster
DIP-P020"Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon""Dragão Toon de Olhos Azuis"CommonToon monster
DIP-P021"Toon Summoned Skull""Caveira Invocada Toon"CommonToon monster
DIP-P022"Manga Ryu-Ran""Mangá Ryu-Ran"CommonToon monster
DIP-P023"Toon Mermaid""Sereia Toon"CommonToon monster
DIP-P024"Toon World""Mundo Toon"CommonContinuous Spell Card
DIP-P025"Black Pendant""Pendente Negro"CommonEquip Spell Card
DIP-P026"Dark Hole""Buraco Negro"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P027"Dian Keto the Cure Master""Dian Keto, Mestre da Cura"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P028"Fissure""Fissura"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P029"De-Spell""Remover Magia"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P030"Change of Heart""Mudança de Opinião"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P031"Stop Defense""Impedir a Defesa"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P032"Mystical Space Typhoon""Tufão Espacial Místico"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
DIP-P033"Rush Recklessly""Impulso Precipitado"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
DIP-P034"Remove Trap""Remover Armadilha"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P035"Monster Reborn""Reviver Monstro"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P036"Soul Release""Libertar Almas"CommonNormal Spell Card
DIP-P037"Yami""Yami"CommonField Spell Card
DIP-P038"Black Illusion Ritual""Ritual de Ilusão Negra"CommonRitual Spell Card
DIP-P039"Ring of Magnetism""Anel do Magnetismo"CommonEquip Spell Card
DIP-P040"Graceful Charity""Caridade Graciosa"Super RareNormal Spell Card
DIP-P041"Trap Hole" (as "Buraco de Armadilha")"Buraco Armadilha"CommonNormal Trap Card
DIP-P042"Reinforcements""Reforços"CommonNormal Trap Card
DIP-P043"Castle Walls""Muralhas do Castelo"CommonNormal Trap Card
DIP-P044"Waboku""Waboku"CommonNormal Trap Card
DIP-P045"Seven Tools of the Bandit""Sete Ferramentas do Bandido"CommonCounter Trap Card
DIP-P046"Ultimate Offering""Oferenda Derradeira"CommonContinuous Trap Card
DIP-P047"Robbin' Goblin""Goblin Larápio"CommonContinuous Trap Card
DIP-P048"Magic Jammer""Bloqueador de Magia"CommonCounter Trap Card
DIP-P049"Enchanted Javelin""Dardo Encantado"CommonNormal Trap Card
DIP-P050"Gryphon Wing""Asa de Grifo"Super RareNormal Trap Card

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
BIP-S001 Relinquished Renunciado Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
BIP-S002 Red Archery Girl Arquera Roja Common Normal Monster
BIP-S003 Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Common Normal Monster
BIP-S004 Illusionist Faceless Mage Mago Ilusionista sin Rostro Common Normal Monster
BIP-S005 Rogue Doll Muñeca Pícara Common Normal Monster
BIP-S006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
BIP-S007 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldado Gigante de Piedra Common Normal Monster
BIP-S008 Aqua Madoor Madoor de Aqua Common Normal Monster
BIP-S009 Toon Alligator Caimán Toon Common Normal Monster
BIP-S010 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
BIP-S011 Sonic Bird Pájaro Sónico Common Effect Monster
BIP-S012 Jigen Bakudan Jigen Bakudan Common Effect Monster
BIP-S013 Mask of Darkness Máscara de la Oscuridad Common Flip monster
BIP-S014 Witch of the Black Forest Bruja del Bosque Negro Common Effect Monster
BIP-S015 Man-Eater Bug Insecto Come-hombres Common Flip monster
BIP-S016 Muka Muka Muka Muka Common Effect Monster
BIP-S017 Dream Clown Payaso del Sueño Common Effect Monster
BIP-S018 Armed Ninja Ninja Armado Common Flip monster
BIP-S019 Hiro's Shadow Scout Explorador Sombrío de Hiro Common Flip monster
BIP-S020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Dragón Toon de Ojos Azules Common Toon monster
BIP-S021 Toon Summoned Skull Cráneo Invocado Toon Common Toon monster
BIP-S022 Manga Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Manga Common Toon monster
BIP-S023 Toon Mermaid Sirena Toon Common Toon monster
BIP-S024 Toon World Mundo Toon Common Continuous Spell Card
BIP-S025 Black Pendant Colgante Negro Common Equip Spell Card
BIP-S026 Dark Hole Agujero Oscuro Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto, el Señora de la Curación Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S028 Fissure Fisura Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S029 De-Spell Exorcismo Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S030 Change of Heart Cambio de Fidelidad Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S031 Stop Defense Parar la Defensa Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S032 Mystical Space Typhoon Tifón del Espacio Místico Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BIP-S033 Rush Recklessly Arremetida Imprudente Common Quick-Play Spell Card
BIP-S034 Remove Trap Trampa de Eliminación Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S035 Monster Reborn Monstruo Renacido Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S036 Soul Release Liberación del Alma Common Normal Spell Card
BIP-S037 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
BIP-S038 Black Illusion Ritual Ritual de la Ilusión Negra Common Ritual Spell Card
BIP-S039 Ring of Magnetism Anillo del Magnetismo Common Equip Spell Card
BIP-S040 Graceful Charity Caridad Grácil Super Rare Normal Spell Card
BIP-S041 Trap Hole Agujero Trampa Common Normal Trap Card
BIP-S042 Reinforcements Refuerzos Common Normal Trap Card
BIP-S043 Castle Walls Paredes de Castillo Common Normal Trap Card
BIP-S044 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
BIP-S045 Seven Tools of the Bandit Siete Herramientas del Bandido Common Counter Trap Card
BIP-S046 Ultimate Offering Ofrenda Final Common Continuous Trap Card
BIP-S047 Robbin' Goblin Goblin Robando Common Continuous Trap Card
BIP-S048 Magic Jammer Disruptor Mágico Common Counter Trap Card
BIP-S049 Enchanted Javelin Jabalina Encantada Common Normal Trap Card
BIP-S050 Gryphon Wing Ala de Grifo Super Rare Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
SDP-KR001 Relinquished 새크리파이스 Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
SDP-KR002 Red Archery Girl 활을 쏘는 인어 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR003 Ryu-Ran 드래곤 에그 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR004 Illusionist Faceless Mage 환술사 노페이스 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR005 Rogue Doll 성스러운 인형 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR006 Uraby 와일드랩터 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR007 Giant Soldier of Stone 암석거인 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR008 Aqua Madoor 물의 조종자 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR009 Toon Alligator 툰 앨리게이터 Common Normal Monster
SDP-KR010 Hane-Hane 하늘하늘 Common Flip monster
SDP-KR011 Sonic Bird 소닉 버드 Common Effect Monster
SDP-KR012 Jigen Bakudan 시한폭탄 Common Effect Monster
SDP-KR013 Mask of Darkness 암흑의 가면 Common Flip monster
SDP-KR014 Witch of the Black Forest 검은숲의 마녀 Common Effect Monster
SDP-KR015 Man-Eater Bug 식인 곤충 Common Flip monster
SDP-KR016 Muka Muka 무카무카 Common Effect Monster
SDP-KR017 Dream Clown 드림삐에로 Common Effect Monster
SDP-KR018 Armed Ninja 푸른 첩자 Common Flip monster
SDP-KR019 Hiro's Shadow Scout 악마의 정찰자 Common Flip monster
SDP-KR020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 푸른 눈의 툰 드래곤 Common Toon monster
SDP-KR021 Toon Summoned Skull 툰 데몬 Common Toon monster
SDP-KR022 Manga Ryu-Ran 툰 드래곤 에그 Common Toon monster
SDP-KR023 Toon Mermaid 툰 인어 Common Toon monster
SDP-KR024 Toon World 툰 월드 Common Continuous Spell Card
SDP-KR025 Black Pendant 검은팬던트 Common Equip Spell Card
SDP-KR026 Dark Hole 블랙홀 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR027 Dian Keto the Cure Master 치료의 신 다이안 켓 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR028 Fissure 갈라진 대지 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR029 De-Spell 마법 제거 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR030 Change of Heart 마음의 변화 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR031 Stop Defense 수비봉인 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR032 Mystical Space Typhoon 싸이크론 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDP-KR033 Rush Recklessly 돌진 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDP-KR034 Remove Trap 함정해제 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR035 Monster Reborn 죽은 자의 소생 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR036 Soul Release 영혼의 해방 Common Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR037 Yami 어둠 Common Field Spell Card
SDP-KR038 Black Illusion Ritual 환술의 의식 Common Ritual Spell Card
SDP-KR039 Ring of Magnetism 자력의 반지 Common Equip Spell Card
SDP-KR040 Graceful Charity 천사의 자비 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SDP-KR041 Trap Hole 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-KR042 Reinforcements 지원군 Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-KR043 Castle Walls 성벽 Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-KR044 Waboku 화목의 사자 Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-KR045 Seven Tools of the Bandit 도적의 7가지 도구 Common Counter Trap Card
SDP-KR046 Ultimate Offering 희생의 제물 Common Continuous Trap Card
SDP-KR047 Robbin' Goblin 로빈 고블린 Common Continuous Trap Card
SDP-KR048 Magic Jammer 매직 재머 Common Counter Trap Card
SDP-KR049 Enchanted Javelin 홀리 자베린 Common Normal Trap Card
SDP-KR050 Gryphon Wing 그리폰의날개 Super Rare Normal Trap Card