Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). Released alongside Starter Deck: Yugi Evolution, they are the fifth and sixth deck in the TCG's Starter Deck series, following Starter Deck: Joey and Starter Deck: Pegasus. It is also released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) in Korean.


This Deck is loosely based on Starter Deck: Kaiba, but replaces some of the contents with more advanced cards, which includes some other cards Kaiba used, cards that help to advance his "power" theme, as well as including some generic useful cards that he never used, e.g. "Jar of Greed" and "Dust Tornado".

Seto Kaiba's appearance on the cover of this product is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 126: "Awaken the Gods!!", albeit with minor changes in detail.


Each Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution contains 50 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SKE-001"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Super RareNormal Monster
SKE-002"Battle Ox"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-003"Koumori Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-004"Rogue Doll"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-005"Kojikocy"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-006"Uraby"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-007"Mystic Horseman"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-008"Ryu-Kishin Powered"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-009"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-010"Skull Red Bird"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-011"Hyozanryu"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-012"Opticlops"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-013"The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-014"Luster Dragon #2"CommonNormal Monster
SKE-015"Kaiser Sea Horse"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SKE-016"Lord of D."CommonEffect Monster
SKE-017"Mysterious Puppeteer"CommonEffect Monster
SKE-018"Trap Master"CommonFlip monster
SKE-019"Hane-Hane"CommonFlip monster
SKE-020"Witch of the Black Forest"CommonEffect Monster
SKE-021"Mystic Tomato"CommonEffect Monster
SKE-022"Mad Sword Beast"CommonEffect Monster
SKE-023"Spirit Ryu"CommonEffect Monster
SKE-024"Paladin of White Dragon"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
SKE-025"White Dragon Ritual"CommonRitual Spell Card
SKE-026"Ookazi"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-027"Fissure"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-028"De-Spell"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-029"Monster Reborn"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-030"The Inexperienced Spy"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-031"The Flute of Summoning Dragon"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-032"Change of Heart"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-033"Soul Exchange"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-034"Mountain"CommonField Spell Card
SKE-035"Tribute to The Doomed"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-036"Rush Recklessly"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SKE-037"Megamorph"CommonEquip Spell Card
SKE-038"Nobleman of Crossout"CommonNormal Spell Card
SKE-039"Premature Burial"CommonEquip Spell Card
SKE-040"Fairy Meteor Crush"CommonEquip Spell Card
SKE-041"Shadow Spell"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
SKE-042"Trap Hole"CommonNormal Trap Card
SKE-043"Just Desserts"CommonNormal Trap Card
SKE-044"Gift of The Mystical Elf"CommonNormal Trap Card
SKE-045"Dust Tornado"CommonNormal Trap Card
SKE-046"Light of Intervention"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SKE-047"Jar of Greed"CommonNormal Trap Card
SKE-048"Riryoku Field"CommonCounter Trap Card
SKE-049"Burst Breath"CommonNormal Trap Card
SKE-050"D. Tribe"CommonNormal Trap Card

Set number English name French name Rarity Category
SKE-FR001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dragon Blanc aux Yeux Bleus Super Rare Normal Monster
SKE-FR002 Battle Ox Bœuf de Combat Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR003 Koumori Dragon Dragon Koumori Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR004 Rogue Doll Poupée Brigande Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR005 Kojikocy Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR007 Mystic Horseman Cavalier Mystique Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR008 Ryu-Kishin Powered Ryu-Kishin le Puissant Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR009 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp La Jinn le Génie Mystique de la Lampe Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR010 Skull Red Bird Oiseau au Crâne Rouge Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR011 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR012 Opticlops Opticlops Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR013 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Le Dragon Tapi dans la Caverne Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR014 Luster Dragon #2 Luster Dragon #2 Common Normal Monster
SKE-FR015 Kaiser Sea Horse Kaiser Hippocampe Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SKE-FR016 Lord of D. Seigneur des D Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR017 Mysterious Puppeteer Marionnettiste Mystérieux Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR018 Trap Master Maître des Pièges Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR019 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR020 Witch of the Black Forest Sorcière de la Forêt Noire Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR021 Mystic Tomato Tomate Mystique Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR022 Mad Sword Beast Bête Folle à l'Épée Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR023 Spirit Ryu Esprit Ryu Common Effect Monster
SKE-FR024 Paladin of White Dragon Paladin du Dragon Blanc Common Effect Ritual Monster
SKE-FR025 White Dragon Ritual Rituel du Dragon Blanc Common Ritual Spell Card
SKE-FR026 Ookazi Ookazi Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR027 Fissure Fissure Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR028 De-Spell Exorcisme Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR029 Monster Reborn Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR030 The Inexperienced Spy L'Espion Novice Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR031 The Flute of Summoning Dragon La Flûte d'Invocation du Dragon Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR032 Change of Heart Changement de Cœur Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR033 Soul Exchange Bourse des Âmes Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR034 Mountain Montagne Common Field Spell Card
SKE-FR035 Tribute to The Doomed Hommage aux Damnés Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR036 Rush Recklessly Charge Intrépide Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SKE-FR037 Megamorph Mégamorphe Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-FR038 Nobleman of Crossout Seigneur de la Suppression Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-FR039 Premature Burial Enterrement Prématuré Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-FR040 Fairy Meteor Crush Impact de Météores Féériques Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-FR041 Shadow Spell Sortilège de l'ombre Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
SKE-FR042 Trap Hole Trappe Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-FR043 Just Desserts Desserts Seuls Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-FR044 Gift of the Mystical Elf Cadeau de l'Elfe Mystique Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-FR045 Dust Tornado Tornade de Poussière Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-FR046 Light of Intervention Lumière d’Intervention Divine Common Continuous Trap Card
SKE-FR047 Jar of Greed Jarre de Cupidité Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-FR048 Riryoku Field Barrière de Riryoku Common Counter Trap Card
SKE-FR049 Burst Breath Souffle Ardent Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-FR050 D. Tribe Tribu D. Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
SKE-DE001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blauäugiger w. Drache Super Rare Normal Monster
SKE-DE002 Battle Ox Kampfochse Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE003 Koumori Dragon Koumori-Drache Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE004 Rogue Doll Höllenwesenpuppe Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE005 Kojikocy Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE007 Mystic Horseman Mystischer Reiter Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE008 Ryu-Kishin Powered Ryu-Kishin-Macht Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE009 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Mystischer Jinn der Lampe Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE010 Skull Red Bird Roter Totenkopfvogel Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE011 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE012 Opticlops Optiklop Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE013 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Drache, der in der Höhle haust Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE014 Luster Dragon #2 Luster Dragon #2 Common Normal Monster
SKE-DE015 Kaiser Sea Horse Seepferd-Kaiser Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SKE-DE016 Lord of D. Herr der Drachen Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE017 Mysterious Puppeteer Mysteriöser Puppenspieler Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE018 Trap Master Fallenmeister Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE019 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE020 Witch of the Black Forest Hexe vom schwarzen Wald Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE021 Mystic Tomato Mystische Tomate Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE022 Mad Sword Beast Verrückte Schwertbestie Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE023 Spirit Ryu Ryu-Geist Common Effect Monster
SKE-DE024 Paladin of White Dragon Paladin des Weißen Drachen Common Effect Ritual Monster
SKE-DE025 White Dragon Ritual Ritual des weißen Drachen Common Ritual Spell Card
SKE-DE026 Ookazi Ookazi Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE027 Fissure Spalt Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE028 De-Spell Fluchzerstörer Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE029 Monster Reborn Wiedergeburt Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE030 The Inexperienced Spy Unerfahrener Spion Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE031 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Drachenrufflöte Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE032 Change of Heart Überläufer Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE033 Soul Exchange Seelentausch Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE034 Mountain Berg Common Field Spell Card
SKE-DE035 Tribute to The Doomed Ehrung der Verdammten Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE036 Rush Recklessly Waghalsig voranstürmen Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SKE-DE037 Megamorph Megawandler Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-DE038 Nobleman of Crossout Adliger der Auslöschung Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-DE039 Premature Burial Voreiliges Begräbnis Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-DE040 Fairy Meteor Crush Elfenmeteoreinschlag Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-DE041 Shadow Spell Schattenzauber Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
SKE-DE042 Trap Hole Fallgrube Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-DE043 Just Desserts Gerechte Nachspeise Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-DE044 Gift of the Mystical Elf Gabe der Mystischen Elfe Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-DE045 Dust Tornado Staubtornado Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-DE046 Light of Intervention Licht der Vermittlung Common Continuous Trap Card
SKE-DE047 Jar of Greed Krug der Gier Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-DE048 Riryoku Field Riryoku-Feld Common Counter Trap Card
SKE-DE049 Burst Breath Flammender Odem Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-DE050 D. Tribe Drachenvolk Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
SKE-IT001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Drago Bianco Occhi Blu Super Rare Normal Monster
SKE-IT002 Battle Ox Ascia da Guerra Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT003 Koumori Dragon Drago Koumori Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT004 Rogue Doll Bambola Mortale Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT005 Kojikocy Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT006 Uraby Urabysauro Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT007 Mystic Horseman Centauro Mistico Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT008 Ryu-Kishin Powered Ryu-Kishin Potenziato Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT009 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Genio della Lampada Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT010 Skull Red Bird Uccello Teschio Rosso Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT011 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT012 Opticlops Opticlops Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT013 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Il Drago Abitante nella Caverna Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT014 Luster Dragon #2 Luster Dragon #2 Common Normal Monster
SKE-IT015 Kaiser Sea Horse Kaiser Cavalluccio Marino Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SKE-IT016 Lord of D. Signore di D. Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT017 Mysterious Puppeteer Burattinaio Misterioso Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT018 Trap Master Maestro di Trappola Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT019 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT020 Witch of the Black Forest Strega della Foresta Nera Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT021 Mystic Tomato Pomodoro Mistico Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT022 Mad Sword Beast Bestia della Spada Folle Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT023 Spirit Ryu Spirito Ryu Common Effect Monster
SKE-IT024 Paladin of White Dragon Paladino del Drago Bianco Common Effect Ritual Monster
SKE-IT025 White Dragon Ritual Rituale del Drago Bianco Common Ritual Spell Card
SKE-IT026 Ookazi Ookazi Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT027 Fissure Spaccatura Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT028 De-Spell Annulla Carta Magia Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT029 Monster Reborn Mostro Resuscitato Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT030 The Inexperienced Spy Spia Inesperta Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT031 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Flauto Evoca-Draghi Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT032 Change of Heart Cambiare Idea Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT033 Soul Exchange Scambio di Anime Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT034 Mountain Montagna Common Field Spell Card
SKE-IT035 Tribute to The Doomed Tributo al Dannato Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT036 Rush Recklessly Corsa Avventata Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SKE-IT037 Megamorph Megamorph Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-IT038 Nobleman of Crossout Nobiluomo dello Scambio Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-IT039 Premature Burial Sepoltura Prematura Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-IT040 Fairy Meteor Crush Pioggia di Meteore Fatate Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-IT041 Shadow Spell Magia Ombra Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
SKE-IT042 Trap Hole Buco Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-IT043 Just Desserts L'hai Voluto tu! Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-IT044 Gift of the Mystical Elf Dono dell'Elfo Mistico Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-IT045 Dust Tornado Tornado di Polvere Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-IT046 Light of Intervention Luce dell'Intervento Common Continuous Trap Card
SKE-IT047 Jar of Greed Giara della Cupidigia Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-IT048 Riryoku Field Terreno Riryoku Common Counter Trap Card
SKE-IT049 Burst Breath Soffio Incendiario Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-IT050 D. Tribe Tribù D. Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category
SKE-PT001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dragão Branco de Olhos Azuis Super Rare Normal Monster
SKE-PT002 Battle Ox Touro Guerreiro Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT003 Koumori Dragon Dragão Koumori Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT004 Rogue Doll Boneca Marota Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT005 Kojikocy Kojicocy Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT007 Mystic Horseman Centauro Místico Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT008 Ryu-Kishin Powered Ryu-Kishin Potencializado Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT009 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp La Jinn, o Gênio Místico da Lâmpada Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT010 Skull Red Bird Pássaro da Crista Vermelha Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT011 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT012 Opticlops Opticlope Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT013 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave O Dragão Vivendo na Caverna Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT014 Luster Dragon #2 Luster Dragon #2 Common Normal Monster
SKE-PT015 Kaiser Sea Horse Cavalo-marinho de Kaiser Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SKE-PT016 Lord of D. Senhor dos Dragões Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT017 Mysterious Puppeteer Ventríloco Misterioso Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT018 Trap Master Mestre das Armadilhas Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT019 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT020 Witch of the Black Forest Bruxa da Floresta Negra Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT021 Mystic Tomato Tomate Místico Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT022 Mad Sword Beast Besta Louca da Espada Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT023 Spirit Ryu Espirito Ryu Common Effect Monster
SKE-PT024 Paladin of White Dragon Paladino do Dragão Branco Common Effect Ritual Monster
SKE-PT025 White Dragon Ritual Ritual do Dragão Branco Common Ritual Spell Card
SKE-PT026 Ookazi Ookazi Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT027 Fissure Fissura Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT028 De-Spell Remover Magia Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT029 Monster Reborn Reviver Monstro Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT030 The Inexperienced Spy O Espião Inexperiente Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT031 The Flute of Summoning Dragon A Flauta para Invocação de Dragões Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT032 Change of Heart Mudança de Opinião Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT033 Soul Exchange Troca de Almas Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT034 Mountain Montanha Common Field Spell Card
SKE-PT035 Tribute to The Doomed Tributo aos Condenados Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT036 Rush Recklessly Impulso Precipitado Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SKE-PT037 Megamorph Megamorph Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-PT038 Nobleman of Crossout O Nobre de Crossout Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-PT039 Premature Burial Enterro Precoce Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-PT040 Fairy Meteor Crush Queda do Meteoro Angelical Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-PT041 Shadow Spell Feitiço Sombra Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
SKE-PT042 Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-PT043 Just Desserts Apenas Sobremesas Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-PT044 Gift of the Mystical Elf Presente do Elfo Místico Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-PT045 Dust Tornado Tornado de Pó Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-PT046 Light of Intervention Luz da Intervenção Common Continuous Trap Card
SKE-PT047 Jar of Greed Jarra da Ganância Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-PT048 Riryoku Field Campo Riryoku Common Counter Trap Card
SKE-PT049 Burst Breath Bafo Explosivo Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-PT050 D. Tribe D. Tribo Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
SKE-SP001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dragón Blanco de Ojos Azules Super Rare Normal Monster
SKE-SP002 Battle Ox Buey de Batalla Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP003 Koumori Dragon Dragón de Koumori Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP004 Rogue Doll Muñeca Pícara Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP005 Kojikocy Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP007 Mystic Horseman Jinete Místico Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP008 Ryu-Kishin Powered Ryu-Kishin Energizado Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP009 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp La Jinn, el Genio Místico de la Lámpara Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP010 Skull Red Bird Ave de Cráneo Rojo Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP011 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP012 Opticlops Opticíclope Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP013 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave El Dragón que Mora en la Cueva Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP014 Luster Dragon #2 Luster Dragon #2 Common Normal Monster
SKE-SP015 Kaiser Sea Horse Caballo de Mar Kaiser Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SKE-SP016 Lord of D. Señor de D. Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP017 Mysterious Puppeteer Titiritero Misterioso Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP018 Trap Master Amo de Trampa Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP019 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP020 Witch of the Black Forest Bruja del Bosque Negro Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP021 Mystic Tomato Tomate Místico Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP022 Mad Sword Beast Bestia Loca de la Espada Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP023 Spirit Ryu Ryu Espíritu Common Effect Monster
SKE-SP024 Paladin of White Dragon Paladín de Dragón Blanco Common Effect Ritual Monster
SKE-SP025 White Dragon Ritual Ritual del Dragón Blanco Common Ritual Spell Card
SKE-SP026 Ookazi Ookazi Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP027 Fissure Fisura Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP028 De-Spell Exorcismo Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP029 Monster Reborn Monstruo Renacido Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP030 The Inexperienced Spy El Espía Inexperto Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP031 The Flute of Summoning Dragon La Flauta de Convoca-Dragones Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP032 Change of Heart Cambio de Fidelidad Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP033 Soul Exchange Intercambio de Almas Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP034 Mountain Montaña Common Field Spell Card
SKE-SP035 Tribute to The Doomed Sacrificio a los Condenados Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP036 Rush Recklessly Arremetida Imprudente Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SKE-SP037 Megamorph Megamorfo Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-SP038 Nobleman of Crossout Noble de Crossout Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-SP039 Premature Burial Entierro Prematuro Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-SP040 Fairy Meteor Crush Impacto de Meteoro de Hada Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-SP041 Shadow Spell Hechizo de Sombra Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
SKE-SP042 Trap Hole Agujero Trampa Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-SP043 Just Desserts Sólo Postres Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-SP044 Gift of the Mystical Elf Don del Duende Místico Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-SP045 Dust Tornado Tornado de Polvo Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-SP046 Light of Intervention Luz de la Intervención Common Continuous Trap Card
SKE-SP047 Jar of Greed Jarra de la Codicia Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-SP048 Riryoku Field Campo de Riryoku Common Counter Trap Card
SKE-SP049 Burst Breath Estallido de Aliento Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-SP050 D. Tribe Tribu D. Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
SKE-KR001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 푸른 눈의 백룡 Super Rare Normal Monster
SKE-KR002 Battle Ox 미노타우르스 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR003 Koumori Dragon 데블 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR004 Rogue Doll 성스러운 인형 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR005 Kojikocy 마물 사냥꾼 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR006 Uraby 와일드랩터 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR007 Mystic Horseman 켄타우로스 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR008 Ryu-Kishin Powered 마력을 얻은 가고일 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR009 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 램프의 요정 라 진 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR010 Skull Red Bird 스카이헌터 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR011 Hyozanryu 다이아몬드 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR012 Opticlops 붉은 외눈 거인 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR013 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave 동굴에 숨은 용 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR014 Luster Dragon #2 에머랄드 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
SKE-KR015 Kaiser Sea Horse 카이저 씨호스 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SKE-KR016 Lord of D. 드래곤의 제왕 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR017 Mysterious Puppeteer 의문의 인형술사 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR018 Trap Master 함정술사 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR019 Hane-Hane 하늘하늘 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR020 Witch of the Black Forest 검은숲의 마녀 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR021 Mystic Tomato 킬러 토마토 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR022 Mad Sword Beast 맹진하는 검뿔소 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR023 Spirit Ryu 스피릿 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
SKE-KR024 Paladin of White Dragon 나이트 오브 화이트 드래곤 Common Effect Ritual Monster
SKE-KR025 White Dragon Ritual 백룡강림 Common Ritual Spell Card
SKE-KR026 Ookazi 대화재 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR027 Fissure 갈라진 대지 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR028 De-Spell 마법 제거 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR029 Monster Reborn 죽은 자의 소생 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR030 The Inexperienced Spy 어설픈 스파이 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR031 The Flute of Summoning Dragon 드래곤을 부르는 피리 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR032 Change of Heart 마음의 변화 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR033 Soul Exchange 크로스 소울 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR034 Mountain Common Field Spell Card
SKE-KR035 Tribute to The Doomed 죽은 자에게 흔드는 손 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR036 Rush Recklessly 돌진 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SKE-KR037 Megamorph 거대화 Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-KR038 Nobleman of Crossout 말살의사도 Common Normal Spell Card
SKE-KR039 Premature Burial 성급한 매장 Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-KR040 Fairy Meteor Crush 메테오 스트라이크 Common Equip Spell Card
SKE-KR041 Shadow Spell 어둠의 저주 Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
SKE-KR042 Trap Hole 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-KR043 Just Desserts 자업자득 Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-KR044 Gift of the Mystical Elf 홀리 엘프의 축복 Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-KR045 Dust Tornado 더스트 토네이도 Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-KR046 Light of Intervention 성스러운 빛 Common Continuous Trap Card
SKE-KR047 Jar of Greed 욕망의 단지 Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-KR048 Riryoku Field 포스 필드 Common Counter Trap Card
SKE-KR049 Burst Breath 버스트 브레스 Common Normal Trap Card
SKE-KR050 D. Tribe 용의 혈족 Common Normal Trap Card

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Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution +
March 1, 2004 +
Mazzo Introduttivo: Kaiba Evoluzione +
March 1, 2004 +
Seutateo Deg: Kaiba Pyeon Ebollusyeon +
STARTER DECK (스타터 덱) - 카이바 편 - Evolution (에볼루션) +
April 12, 2005 +
Starter Deck: Kaiba Edition Evolution +
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Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution +
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Deck Inicial do Kaiba Evolução +
Baraja Inicial: Kaiba Evolución +
March 1, 2004 +