"Star God" ( (せい) (しん) Seishin) is a series of Level 11 Nomi Effect Monsters.



The Japanese names of all the members are written in kanji, containing 星神 (meaning "star god") at the end, followed by a word written in lowercase English letters.

For their names in the TCG, the words written in English are kept, but the kanji parts of the names are translated differently from among each card to better reflect their individual motif.


Card ATK DEF Origin
Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth 3600 3400 Sophia
Tierra, Source of Destruction 3400 3600 Tierra
Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds 3500 3500 Avida

Playing style

Each member has a considerably harsh summoning condition that cannot be negated. When summoned, they have a mass-removal effect that other cards and effects cannot activate in response. They are all able to clear the entire field of cards, giving the player an easier opportunity to deal a large amount of direct damage to the opponent due to the fewer resources they would now have. The sum of each cards' ATK and DEF is equal to 7000.


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