Standard Duelists are a classification of characters that appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. The Standard Duelists are Alyssa, Andrew, Ashley, Bella, Christine, Daniel, David, Emma, Erika, Evan, Hailey, Jay, Jess, Josh, Kylie, Logan, Madison, Mickey, Meg, Nick, and Zachary.


Functionally, all Standard Duelists are identical with their Deck being chosen randomly each time they spawn in Duel World. After defeating a Standard Duelist a timed delay will start before a replacement can spawn, the player can choose to skip the wait by using either 10 Duel Orbs or 1 Boosted Duel Orb. The AI intelligence of the Standard Duelists starts similar to that of the Level 10 Legendary Duelists to help new players adjust but becomes more intelligent as the player progresses.


Duel World

A Standard Duelist's Deck is randomly chosen upon spawning, using one of several possible Decks for Standard Duelists. The pool of Decks used by Standard Duelists depends on the player's Stage in Duel World (DM), even for Standard Duelists in Duel World (GX). Once the player reaches a Stage whose number corresponds to a new set of Decks of a particular level, the Standard Duelists start using Decks of that level.

Level 1

Fire/Water/Lightning (incomplete)
  • Underground

Level 5

Botanical Garden Flowers
Commando Monsters
Final War Debut
Fired Up Flips
Fusion Connection
Heroic Aspiration
Renowned Creatures
Young Fierce Knight

Level 14

Level 20

Charmer's Gathering (incomplete)
Cú Chulainn the Awakened (incomplete)
Fusion Monsters (incomplete)
Gemini Monsters (incomplete)
Spirit Monsters (incomplete)
Thousand Dragon (incomplete)
Thousand Energy (incomplete)
Tribute Summons (incomplete)
Union Aid (incomplete)

Level 27

Brutality LVL 3
Burning Damage
Circus Trick
Fusion Plants
Insect Multiplication
It's All Traps
Mokey Mokey
Reverse Trap
Ritual Summons

Level 33

Aqua Chorus
Deck Scraper
Flips For Real
Gemini Monsters 2
Graveyard Power
Heart of the Underdog
Magical Hats
Spirit Monsters 2
Thunder Family
Union Aid 2

Level 39

Angel and Mythical Beast
Coin of Destiny
Enraged Dragon
Feast of the Fiends
Fire Beat
A Legendary Ocean
Psychic Power
Star Seraph of Victory
Way of the Shinobi

Set Sail for The Kingdom

Some Standard Duelists appeared as characters in the Set Sail for the Kingdom event where they used different Decks depending on the player's progress through the event in addition to Skills.


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