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'''Pack Name:''' <br/>
'''Pack Name:''' Spell Special 1<br/>
'''Unlocked:''' <br/>
'''Unlocked:''' Get 90% Collection Rate on "Spell Collection 1" Pack<br/>
'''Price per Pack:''' <br/>
'''Price per Pack:''' 150 DP<br/>
'''Cards per Pack:''' <br/>
'''Cards per Pack:''' 3<br/>
'''Cards in the Entire Pack:''' <br/>
'''Cards in the Entire Pack:''' 33<br/>
'''Frequency:''' Once a week<br/>
'''Frequency:''' Once a week<br/>

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Pack Name: Spell Special 1
Unlocked: Get 90% Collection Rate on "Spell Collection 1" Pack
Price per Pack: 150 DP
Cards per Pack: 3
Cards in the Entire Pack: 33
Frequency: Once a week

Ultra Rare

Super Rare



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