Speed Start Deck Link Edition is a Deck that was given out to middle schoolers and below at the Jump Festa event that was held on December 22–23, 2018.


Each Speed Start Deck Link Edition contains 21 Common cards.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
SSD1-JP001"Noble Knight Artorigus"「聖騎士アルトリウス」CommonNormal Monster
SSD1-JP002"Axe Raider"「アックス・レイダー」CommonNormal Monster
SSD1-JP003"Elemental HERO Sparkman"「E・HERO スパークマン」CommonNormal Monster
SSD1-JP004"Warrior of Zera"「ゼラの戦士」CommonNormal Monster
SSD1-JP005"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai"「六武衆の侍従」CommonNormal Monster
SSD1-JP006"Goblin Elite Attack Force"「ゴブリンエリート部隊」CommonEffect Monster
SSD1-JP007"Marauding Captain"「切り込み隊長」CommonEffect Monster
SSD1-JP008"Hayabusa Knight"「隼の騎士」CommonEffect Monster
SSD1-JP009"Desertapir"「砂バク」CommonFlip monster
SSD1-JP010"Hane-Hane"「ハネハネ」CommonFlip monster
SSD1-JP011"Hammer Shot"「ハンマーシュート」CommonNormal Spell Card
SSD1-JP012"Blue Medicine"「ブルー・ポーション」CommonNormal Spell Card
SSD1-JP013"Spiritualism"「ポルターガイスト」CommonNormal Spell Card
SSD1-JP014"Stop Defense"「『守備』封じ」CommonNormal Spell Card
SSD1-JP015"Silent Doom"「黙する死者」CommonNormal Spell Card
SSD1-JP016"Horn of the Unicorn"「一角獣のホーン」CommonEquip Spell Card
SSD1-JP017"Reinforcements"「援軍」CommonNormal Trap Card
SSD1-JP018"Draining Shield"「ドレインシールド」CommonNormal Trap Card
SSD1-JP019"Just Desserts"「自業自得」CommonNormal Trap Card
SSD1-JP020"Shadow Spell"「闇の呪縛」CommonContinuous Trap Card
SSD1-JP021"Code Talker"「コード・トーカー」CommonEffect Link Monster

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