Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the 3rd set of Decks in the TCG's Speed Duel Starter Decks series, following Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters and Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow.


Each Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators contains:



Skill Cards
Card numberNameRarityCategory
SS03-ENAS1"Dinosaur Kingdom"Common
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SS03-ENAS2"Nightmare Sonic Blast!"Common
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SS03-ENBS1"Hyper Metamorphosis"Common
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SS03-ENBS2"Hidden Parasite"Common
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Variant cards
Card numberNameRarityCategory
SS03-ENV01"Order to Charge"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
SS03-ENV02"Jar of Avarice"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
Rex Raptor Deck
Card numberNameRarityCategoryQty
SS03-ENA01"Serpent Night Dragon"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENA02"Two-Headed King Rex"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENA03"Uraby"CommonNormal Monster2
SS03-ENA04"Crawling Dragon #2"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENA05"Tomozaurus"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENA06"Anthrosaurus"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENA07"Black Tyranno"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA08"Super-Ancient Dinobeast"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA09"Mad Sword Beast"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA10"Gilasaurus"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA11"Gale Lizard"CommonFlip monster1
SS03-ENA12"Dark Driceratops"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA13"Hyper Hammerhead"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA14"Element Saurus"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA15"Black Stego"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA16"Gentlemander"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENA17"Raise Body Heat"CommonEquip Spell Card1
SS03-ENA18"Ultra Evolution Pill"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENA19"Spacetime Transcendence"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENA20"Cost Down"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENA21"Summoner's Art"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENA22"White Elephant's Gift"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENA23"Heat Wave"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENA24"Card Advance"CommonNormal Spell Card2
SS03-ENA25"Hunting Instinct"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SS03-ENA26"Reinforcements"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SS03-ENA27"Pharaoh's Treasure"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SS03-ENA28"Limit Impulse"CommonNormal Trap Card1
Weevil Underwood Deck
Card numberNameRarityCategoryQty
SS03-ENB01"Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB02"Petit Moth"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENB03"Big Insect"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENB04"Basic Insect"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENB05"Winged Cleaver"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENB06"Kumootoko"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENB07"Alinsection"CommonNormal Monster1
SS03-ENB08"Insect Queen"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB09"Cocoon of Evolution"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB10"Man-Eater Bug"CommonFlip monster1
SS03-ENB11"Pinch Hopper"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB12"Insect Princess"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB13"Gokipon"CommonEffect Monster2
SS03-ENB14"Bee List Soldier"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB15"Beetron"CommonEffect Monster1
SS03-ENB16"Laser Cannon Armor"CommonEquip Spell Card1
SS03-ENB17"Forest"CommonField Spell Card1
SS03-ENB18"Verdant Sanctuary"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SS03-ENB19"Insect Neglect"CommonContinuous Spell Card1
SS03-ENB20"Worm Bait"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENB21"Enchanting Fitting Room"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENB22"Dark Factory of Mass Production"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENB23"Amulet of Ambition"CommonEquip Spell Card1
SS03-ENB24"White Elephant's Gift"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENB25"Eradicating Aerosol"CommonNormal Spell Card1
SS03-ENB26"Spider Egg"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SS03-ENB27"Corrosive Scales"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SS03-ENB28"Adhesion Trap Hole"CommonNormal Trap Card1
SS03-ENB29"Order to Smash"CommonNormal Trap Card1

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