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Speed Duel: Battle City Box is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).


Each Speed Duel: Battle City Box contains:



Skill Cards
Card numberNameRarityCategory
SBCB-ENS01"Fury of Thunder"Common
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SBCB-ENS02"It's No Monster, It's a God!"Common
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SBCB-ENS03"Hieratic Chant"Common
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SBCB-ENS04"It's Jinzo!"Common
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SBCB-ENS05"The Psychic Duelist"Common
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SBCB-ENS06"Guardians of the Tomb"Common
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SBCB-ENS07"Union Combination"Common
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SBCB-ENS08"Spell of Mask"Common
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SCSB-ENS09"Magician’s Act"Common
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SCSB-ENS10"Endless Traps"Common
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SCSB-ENS11"No More Mrs. Nice Mai!"Common
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SCSB-ENS12"I’m Just Gonna Attack!"Common
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SCSB-ENS13"Rise of the Fallen"Common
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SBCB-ENS14"Beasts of Phantom"Common
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SBCB-ENS15"Magnetic Attraction"Common
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SBCB-ENS16"Power of Friendship"Common
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SBCB-ENS17"Fusion Party!"Common
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SBCB-ENS18"Ritual Ceremony"Common
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SBCB-ENS19"Low Blow"Common
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SBCB-ENS20"Digging for Gold"Common
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Card numberNameRarityCategory
SBCB-EN001"Dark Magician"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Monster
SBCB-EN002"Aqua Madoor"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN003"Buster Blader"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN004"Archfiend of Gilfer"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN005"Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN006"Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN007"Skilled White Magician"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN008"Breaker the Magical Warrior"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN009"Skilled Red Magician"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN010"Dark Magic Curtain"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN011"Polymerization"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN012"De-Fusion"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-EN013"Book of Moon"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-EN014"Emblem of Dragon Destroyer"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN015"Destruction Swordsman Fusion"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-EN016"Fusion Recycling Plant"CommonField Spell Card
SBCB-EN017"Magical Hats"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN018"Fairy Wind"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN019"Darklight"CommonNormal Trap Card
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
SBCB-EN021"Dark Paladin"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
SBCB-EN022"Valkyrion the Magna Warrior"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN023"Alpha The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN024"Beta The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN025"Gamma The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN026"Delta The Magnet Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN027"Giant Soldier of Stone"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN028"Destroyer Golem"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN029"The Rock Spirit"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN030"Granmarg the Rock Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN031"Absorbing Jar"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-EN032"Block Golem"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN033"Attack the Moon!"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN034"Magnetic Field"CommonField Spell Card
SBCB-EN035"Zero Gravity"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN036"Mind Crush"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN037"Rock Bombardment"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN038"Sealing Ceremony of Mokuton"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN039"Unbreakable Spirit"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN040"Magnet Force"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN041"Magnet Conversion"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN042"Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN043"Berfomet"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN044"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN045"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN046"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN047"Giant Rat"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN048"Bazoo the Soul-Eater"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN049"Manticore of Darkness"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN050"Enraged Battle Ox"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN051"Ghost Knight of Jackal"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN052"Behemoth the King of All Animals"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN053"Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN054"Wild Nature's Release"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN055"The Big March of Animals"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-EN056"Spiritual Forest"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN057"Fire Formation - Tenki"Common
Secret Rare
Continuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN058"The Big Cattle Drive"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN059"Riryoku Field"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-EN060"Howl of the Wild"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN061"Horn of the Phantom Beast"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN062"Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-EN063"X-Head Cannon"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN064"Y-Dragon Head"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-EN065"Z-Metal Tank"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-EN066"Heavy Mech Support Platform"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-EN067"Victory Viper XX03"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN068"DUCKER Mobile Cannon"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-EN069"Jade Knight"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN070"Falchionβ"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN071"Machina Gearframe"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-EN072"Machina Peacekeeper"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-EN073"Delta Tri"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN074"United We Stand"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN075"Frontline Base"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN076"Machine Assembly Line"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN077"Union Hangar"Common
Secret Rare
Field Spell Card
SBCB-EN078"Solitary Sword of Poison"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN079"Formation Union"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN080"Rare Metalmorph"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN081"Roll Out!"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN082"Union Scramble"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN083"XY-Dragon Cannon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-EN084"XYZ-Dragon Cannon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-EN085"XZ-Tank Cannon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-EN086"YZ-Tank Dragon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-EN087"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Monster
SBCB-EN088"Saggi the Dark Clown"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN089"Swordstalker"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN090"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN091"Vorse Raider"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN092"Dark Blade"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN093"Maha Vailo"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN094"Zombyra the Dark"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN095"Spear Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN096"Kaiser Glider"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN097"Fiend's Sanctuary"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN098"Soul Exchange"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN099"Shrink"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-EN100"Mage Power"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN101"Silent Doom"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN102"Acid Trap Hole"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN103"Negate Attack"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-EN104"Magic Drain"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-EN105"Final Attack Orders"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN106"Inspiration"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN107"Masked Beast Des Gardius"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN108"Shining Abyss"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN109"Grand Tiki Elder"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN110"Melchid the Four-Face Beast"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN111"Beast of Talwar"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN112"Opticlops"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN113"Wall of Illusion"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN114"Night Assailant"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-EN115"Ritual Raven"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN116"The Masked Beast"CommonRitual Monster
SBCB-EN117"Nobleman of Extermination"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN118"Mask of Brutality"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN119"The Mask of Remnants"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN120"Curse of the Masked Beast"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-EN121"Pre-Preparation of Rites"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN122"Widespread Ruin"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN123"Mask of Weakness"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN124"Bark of Dark Ruler"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN125"Soul Demolition"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN126"Dark Smog"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN127"Keldo"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN128"Mudora"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN129"Zolga"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN130"Kelbek"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN131"Skelengel"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-EN132"Airknight Parshath"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN133"Moisture Creature"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN134"Guardian Angel Joan"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN135"Angel O7"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN136"Dimensional Alchemist"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN137"Bonze Alone"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN138"Nobleman of Crossout"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
SBCB-EN139"Foolish Burial"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
SBCB-EN140"Cestus of Dagla"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN141"Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen"Common
Secret Rare
Continuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN142"Cosmic Cyclone"Common
Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-EN143"Waboku"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN144"Rope of Life"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN145"Drop Off"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN146"Lost Wind"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN148"The Fiend Megacyber"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN149"Freed the Matchless General"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN150"Mysterious Guard"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-EN151"Exiled Force"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN152"Swarm of Scarabs"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN153"Swarm of Locusts"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN154"Des Lacooda"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN155"Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN156"Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN157"Amplifier"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN158"Lightning Blade"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN159"Creature Swap"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN160"Reinforcements of the Army"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
SBCB-EN161"The Warrior Returning Alive"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN162"Hammer Shot"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN163"Hidden Armory"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN164"Draining Shield"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN165"Psychic Shockwave"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN166"Battleguard Rage"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN167"Red-Eyes Black Dragon"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Monster
SBCB-EN168"Dunames Dark Witch"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN169"Ally of Justice Clausolas"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-EN170"Hannibal Necromancer"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN171"Banisher of the Light"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN172"Rocket Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN173"Cyber Harpie Lady"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN174"Spell Canceller"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-EN175"Strike Ninja"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN176"Blowback Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN177"Regenerating Mummy"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN178"Pitch-Black Warwolf"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN179"Banisher of the Radiance"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN180"Twin-Barrel Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN181"Skilled Blue Magician"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN182"Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-EN183"Performance of Sword"CommonRitual Monster
SBCB-EN184"Dokurorider"CommonRitual Monster
SBCB-EN185"Paladin of White Dragon"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
SBCB-EN186"Commencement Dance"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-EN187"Revival of Dokurorider"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-EN188"Magic Formula"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-EN189"White Dragon Ritual"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-EN190"Archfiend's Oath"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-EN191"Storm"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN192"The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-EN193"Mirror Wall"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN194"Judgment of Anubis"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-EN195"Embodiment of Apophis"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN196"Spell Purification"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-EN197"Machine King - 3000 B.C."CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN198"Copy Knight"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN199"Swamp Mirrorer"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN200"Quantum Cat"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-EN201"Slifer the Sky Dragon"Secret RareEffect Monster
SBCB-EN202"Obelisk the Tormentor"Secret RareEffect Monster
SBCB-EN203"The Winged Dragon of Ra"Secret RareEffect Monster

Skill Cards
Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SBCB-FRS01"Fury of Thunder"Common
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SBCB-FRS02"It's No Monster, It's a God!"Common
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SBCB-FRS03"Hieratic Chant"Common
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SBCB-FRS04"It's Jinzo!"Common
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SBCB-FRS05"The Psychic Duelist"Common
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SBCB-FRS06"Guardians of the Tomb"Common
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SBCB-FRS07"Union Combination"Common
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SBCB-FRS08"Spell of Mask"Common
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SCSB-FRS09"Magician’s Act"Common
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SCSB-FRS10"Endless Traps"Common
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SCSB-FRS11"No More Mrs. Nice Mai!"Common
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SCSB-FRS12"I’m Just Gonna Attack!"Common
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SCSB-FRS13"Rise of the Fallen"Common
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SBCB-FRS14"Beasts of Phantom"Common
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SBCB-FRS15"Magnetic Attraction"Common
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SBCB-FRS16"Power of Friendship"Common
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SBCB-FRS17"Fusion Party!"Common
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SBCB-FRS18"Ritual Ceremony"Common
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SBCB-FRS19"Low Blow"Common
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SBCB-FRS20"Digging for Gold"Common
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Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SBCB-FR001"Dark Magician""Magicien Sombre"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Monster
SBCB-FR002"Aqua Madoor""Aqua Madoor"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR003"Buster Blader""Buster Blader"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR004"Archfiend of Gilfer""Archdémon de Gilfer"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR005"Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight""Gaïa le Chevalier Implacable Rapide"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR006"Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer""Kycoo le Destructeur de Fantômes"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR007"Skilled White Magician""Magicien Blanc Expérimenté"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR008"Breaker the Magical Warrior""Fracas, le Guerrier Magique"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR009"Skilled Red Magician""Magicien Rouge Expérimenté"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR010"Dark Magic Curtain""Rideau de Magie Noire"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR011"Polymerization""Polymérisation"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR012"De-Fusion""Dé-Fusion"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-FR013"Book of Moon""Le Livre de la Lune"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-FR014"Emblem of Dragon Destroyer""Emblème du Destructeur de Dragon"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR015"Destruction Swordsman Fusion""Fusion Soldat de l'Épée Destructrice"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-FR016"Fusion Recycling Plant""Usine de Recyclage Fusion"CommonField Spell Card
SBCB-FR017"Magical Hats""Chapeaux Magiques"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR018"Fairy Wind""Fée du Vent"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR019"Darklight""Lumière des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Trap Card
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
SBCB-FR021"Dark Paladin""Paladin des Ténèbres"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
SBCB-FR022"Valkyrion the Magna Warrior""Valkyrion, le Guerrier Magnétique"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR023"Alpha The Magnet Warrior""Alpha, le Guerrier Magnétique"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR024"Beta The Magnet Warrior""Bêta, le Guerrier Magnétique"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR025"Gamma The Magnet Warrior""Gamma, le Guerrier Magnétique"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR026"Delta The Magnet Warrior""Delta, le Guerrier Magnétique"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR027"Giant Soldier of Stone""Soldat Géant de Pierre"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR028"Destroyer Golem""Golem Destructeur"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR029"The Rock Spirit""L'Esprit de la Pierre"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR030"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg le Monarque des Roches"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR031"Absorbing Jar""Jarre Absorbante"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-FR032"Block Golem""Golem en Briques"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR033"Attack the Moon!""Attaquez la Lune !"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR034"Magnetic Field""Champ Magnétique"CommonField Spell Card
SBCB-FR035"Zero Gravity""Gravité Zéro"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR036"Mind Crush""Cohue Cérébrale"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR037"Rock Bombardment""Bombardement de Rochers"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR038"Sealing Ceremony of Mokuton""Cérémonie de Sceau du Mokuton"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR039"Unbreakable Spirit""Esprit Incassable"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR040"Magnet Force""Force Magnétique"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR041"Magnet Conversion""Conversion Magnétique"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR042"Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts""Gazelle, Roi des Bêtes Mythiques"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR043"Berfomet""Berfomet"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR044"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing""Bête Fantôme Ailes-Croisées"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR045"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn""Bête Fantôme Corne-Sauvage"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR046"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus""Bête Fantôme Pégase-Tonnerre"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR047"Giant Rat""Rat Géant"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR048"Bazoo the Soul-Eater""Bazoo le Mangeur d'Âmes"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR049"Manticore of Darkness""Manticore des Ténèbres"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR050"Enraged Battle Ox""Bœuf de Combat Enragé"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR051"Ghost Knight of Jackal""Le Chevalier Fantôme du Chacal"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR052"Behemoth the King of All Animals""Béhémoth, Roi de Tous les Animaux"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR053"Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest""Babouin Vert, le Protecteur de la Forêt"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR054"Wild Nature's Release""Libération de la Nature Sauvage"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR055"The Big March of Animals""La Marche Triomphale des Animaux"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-FR056"Spiritual Forest""Forêt Sprituelle"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR057"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formation Feu - Tenki"Common
Secret Rare
Continuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR058"The Big Cattle Drive""Le Grand Rassemblement du Troupeau"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR059"Riryoku Field""Barrière de Riryoku"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-FR060"Howl of the Wild""Hurlement Sauvage"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR061"Horn of the Phantom Beast""Corne de la Bête Fantôme"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR062"Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast""Chimère, Bête Mythique Volante"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-FR063"X-Head Cannon""Tête de Canon X"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR064"Y-Dragon Head""Tête de Dragon Y"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-FR065"Z-Metal Tank""Tank de Métal Z"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-FR066"Heavy Mech Support Platform""Plateforme de Soutien des Engins Lourds"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-FR067"Victory Viper XX03""Vipère de la Victoire XX03"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR068"DUCKER Mobile Cannon""Canon Mobile Bipède"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-FR069"Jade Knight""Chasseur de Jade"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR070"Falchionβ""Fauchon β"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR071"Machina Gearframe""Ravitailleur Méchabot"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-FR072"Machina Peacekeeper""Médiateur Méchabot"CommonUnion monster
SBCB-FR073"Delta Tri""Delta Tri"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR074"United We Stand""L'Union Fait La Force"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR075"Frontline Base""Base de la Ligne de Front"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR076"Machine Assembly Line""Chaîne de Montage Robotique"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR077"Union Hangar""Hangar Union"Common
Secret Rare
Field Spell Card
SBCB-FR078"Solitary Sword of Poison""Épée Solitaire du Poison"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR079"Formation Union""Union en Formation"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR080"Rare Metalmorph""Métalmorphe Rare"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR081"Roll Out!""Lancement!"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR082"Union Scramble""Union d'Urgence"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR083"XY-Dragon Cannon""Canon Dragon XY"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-FR084"XYZ-Dragon Cannon""Canon Dragon XYZ"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-FR085"XZ-Tank Cannon""Canon Tank XZ"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-FR086"YZ-Tank Dragon""Dragon Tank YZ"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
SBCB-FR087"Blue-Eyes White Dragon""Dragon Blanc aux Yeux Bleus"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Monster
SBCB-FR088"Saggi the Dark Clown""Saggi le Clown des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR089"Swordstalker""Spadassin Vengeur"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR090"La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp""La Jinn le Génie Mystique de la Lampe"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR091"Vorse Raider""Marauseur Vorse"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR092"Dark Blade""Sombrelame"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR093"Maha Vailo""Maha Vailo"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR094"Zombyra the Dark""Zombyra la Ténébreuse"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR095"Spear Dragon""Lance Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR096"Kaiser Glider""Planeur du Kaiser"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR097"Fiend's Sanctuary""Sanctuaire du Démon"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR098"Soul Exchange""Bourse des Âmes"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR099"Shrink""Rétrécissement"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-FR100"Mage Power""Puissance du Mage"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR101"Silent Doom""Jugement Silencieux"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR102"Acid Trap Hole""Trappe à Acide"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR103"Negate Attack""Annulation d'Attaque"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-FR104"Magic Drain""Drainage Magique"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-FR105"Final Attack Orders""Derniers Ordres de Combat"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR106"Inspiration""Inspiration"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR107"Masked Beast Des Gardius""Des Gardius la Bête Masquée"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR108"Shining Abyss""Abysse Étincelante"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR109"Grand Tiki Elder""Grand Ancien Tiki"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR110"Melchid the Four-Face Beast""Melchid la Bête aux Quatre Visages"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR111"Beast of Talwar""Bête de Talwar"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR112"Opticlops""Opticlops"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR113"Wall of Illusion""Mur des Illusions"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR114"Night Assailant""Agresseur Nocturne"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-FR115"Ritual Raven""Corbeau Rituel"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR116"The Masked Beast""La Bête Masquée"CommonRitual Monster
SBCB-FR117"Nobleman of Extermination""Seigneur de l’Extermination"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR118"Mask of Brutality""Masque de Brutalité"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR119"The Mask of Remnants""Masque de Volonté et de Jugement"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR120"Curse of the Masked Beast""Malédiction de la Bête Masquée"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-FR121"Pre-Preparation of Rites""Pré-Préparation des Rites"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR122"Widespread Ruin""Ruines Étendues"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR123"Mask of Weakness""Masque de Faiblesse"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR124"Bark of Dark Ruler""Le Rugissement du Gouverneur des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR125"Soul Demolition""Démolition de l'Âme"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR126"Dark Smog""Brouillard des Ténèbres"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR127"Keldo""Keldo"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR128"Mudora""Mudora"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR129"Zolga""Zolga"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR130"Kelbek""Kelbek"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR131"Skelengel""Skelengel"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-FR132"Airknight Parshath""Parshath le Chevalier du Ciel"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR133"Moisture Creature""Créature de la Buée"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR134"Guardian Angel Joan""Ange-Gardien Joan"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR135"Angel O7""Ange O7"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR136"Dimensional Alchemist""Alchimiste Dimensionnel"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR137"Bonze Alone""Bonze Toutseul"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR138"Nobleman of Crossout""Seigneur de la Suppression"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
SBCB-FR139"Foolish Burial""Sacrifice Inutile"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
SBCB-FR140"Cestus of Dagla""Cestus de Dagla"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR141"Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen""Walhalla, Sanctuaire du Déchu"Common
Secret Rare
Continuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR142"Cosmic Cyclone""Cyclone Cosmique"Common
Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
SBCB-FR143"Waboku""Waboku"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR144"Rope of Life""Filin de Survie"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR145"Drop Off""Laissez Tomber"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR146"Lost Wind""Vent Perdu"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Trap Card
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR148"The Fiend Megacyber""Démon Mégacyber"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR149"Freed the Matchless General""Freed le Général Irremplaçable"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR150"Mysterious Guard""Gardien Mystérieux"CommonFlip monster
SBCB-FR151"Exiled Force""La Troupe Exilée"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR152"Swarm of Scarabs""Nuée de Scarabées"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR153"Swarm of Locusts""Nuée de Sauterelles"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR154"Des Lacooda""Des Lacooda"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR155"Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong""Gorg le Fort - Scorpion Noir"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR156"Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn""Meanae l'Épineux - Scorpion Noir"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR157"Amplifier""Amplificateur"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR158"Lightning Blade""Lame Foudroyante"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR159"Creature Swap""Permutation de Créature"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR160"Reinforcements of the Army""Renfort de l'Armée"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
SBCB-FR161"The Warrior Returning Alive""Le Guerrier Réincarné"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR162"Hammer Shot""Coup du Marteau"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR163"Hidden Armory""Arsenal Secret"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR164"Draining Shield""Bouclier Drainant"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR165"Psychic Shockwave""Onde de Choc Psychique"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR166"Battleguard Rage""Rage de Garde"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR167"Red-Eyes Black Dragon""Dragon Noir aux Yeux Rouges"Common
Secret Rare
Normal Monster
SBCB-FR168"Dunames Dark Witch""Dunames, Sorcière des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR169"Ally of Justice Clausolas""Claíomh Solais, Allié de la Justice"CommonNormal Monster
SBCB-FR170"Hannibal Necromancer""Hannibal Nécromancien"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR171"Banisher of the Light""Chasseur de la Lumière"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR172"Rocket Warrior""Guerrier Roquette"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR173"Cyber Harpie Lady""Cyber-Harpie"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR174"Spell Canceller""Annihilateur de Magie"Common
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
SBCB-FR175"Strike Ninja""Ninja d'Intervention"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR176"Blowback Dragon""Dragon à Recul"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR177"Regenerating Mummy""Momie Régénérante"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR178"Pitch-Black Warwolf""Loup de Guerre Noir-d'Encre"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR179"Banisher of the Radiance""Bannisseur de Rayonnement"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR180"Twin-Barrel Dragon""Dragon Double Barillet"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR181"Skilled Blue Magician""Magicien Bleu Expérimenté"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR182"Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster""Buster Blader, Maitre de l’Epée Destructrice"CommonEffect Monster
SBCB-FR183"Performance of Sword""Performance de l'Épée"CommonRitual Monster
SBCB-FR184"Dokurorider""Dokurorider"CommonRitual Monster
SBCB-FR185"Paladin of White Dragon""Paladin du Dragon Blanc"CommonEffect Ritual Monster
SBCB-FR186"Commencement Dance""Danse Inaugurale"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-FR187"Revival of Dokurorider""Résurrection de Dokurocavalier"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-FR188"Magic Formula""Formule Magique"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBCB-FR189"White Dragon Ritual""Rituel du Dragon Blanc"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBCB-FR190"Archfiend's Oath""Serment de l'Archdémon"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBCB-FR191"Storm""Tempête"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR192"The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler""Poupée Magique du Gouverneur des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBCB-FR193"Mirror Wall""Mur Miroir"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR194"Judgment of Anubis""Jugement d'Anubis"CommonCounter Trap Card
SBCB-FR195"Embodiment of Apophis""L'Incarnation d'Apophis"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR196"Spell Purification""Purification de Magie"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBCB-FR197"Machine King - 3000 B.C.""Roi Machine - 3000 AV. J.-C."CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR198"Copy Knight""Chevalier Copieur"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR199"Swamp Mirrorer""Marais Miroitant"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR200"Quantum Cat""Chat Quantique"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBCB-FR201"Slifer the Sky Dragon""Slifer, le Dragon Céleste"Secret RareEffect Monster
SBCB-FR202"Obelisk the Tormentor""Obelisk, le Tourmenteur"Secret RareEffect Monster
SBCB-FR203"The Winged Dragon of Ra""Le Dragon Ailé de Râ"Secret RareEffect Monster

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