Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep is the second Speed Duel Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).



Each pack contains 4 cards. The set contains 45 cards and 5 Skill Cards:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SBAD-ENS01"The World’s Greatest Fisherman"Ultra Rare
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SBAD-ENS02"Mythic Depths"Super Rare
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SBAD-ENS03"Catch of the Day"Super Rare
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SBAD-ENS04"It's My Lucky Day!"Super Rare
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SBAD-ENS05"Viral Infection"Ultra Rare
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SBAD-EN001"Magician of Faith"Ultra RareFlip monster
SBAD-EN002"Apprentice Magician"Super RareEffect Monster
SBAD-EN003"Mystical Elf"CommonNormal Monster
SBAD-EN004"Magical Undertaker"CommonFlip monster
SBAD-EN005"Arcane Barrier"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBAD-EN006"Blade Knight"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SBAD-EN007"Dweller in the Depths"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN008"Gilford the Lightning"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SBAD-EN009"Axe Raider"CommonNormal Monster
SBAD-EN010"Fusion Recovery"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBAD-EN011"Sonic Bird"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN012"Great Phantom Thief"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN013"Djinn Disserere of Rituals"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN014"Fulfillment of the Contract"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBAD-EN015"Amazoness Trainee"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN016"Robbin' Zombie"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBAD-EN017"Zombina"Super RareEffect Monster
SBAD-EN018"Goblin Zombie"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN019"Sword of Dark Destruction"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBAD-EN020"Pyramid of Wonders"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBAD-EN021"Great White"CommonNormal Monster
SBAD-EN022"High Tide Gyojin"CommonNormal Monster
SBAD-EN023"The Legendary Fisherman"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN024"Yomi Ship"Super RareEffect Monster
SBAD-EN025"Levia-Dragon - Daedalus"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN026"Lost Blue Breaker"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN027"Fishborg Planter"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN028"Imairuka"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN029"Slushy"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN030"Power of Kaishin"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBAD-EN031"Umi"CommonField Spell Card
SBAD-EN032"Big Wave Small Wave"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBAD-EN033"Water Hazard"CommonContinuous Spell Card
SBAD-EN034"Moray of Greed"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBAD-EN035"Warrior Dai Grepher"CommonNormal Monster
SBAD-EN036"Sonic Duck"CommonNormal Monster
SBAD-EN037"Sinister Serpent"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN038"Theban Nightmare"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN039"Infernity Beast"CommonEffect Monster
SBAD-EN040"Ryu Senshi"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
SBAD-EN041"Warrior Elimination"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBAD-EN042"Mask of the Accursed"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBAD-EN043"Dust Tornado"Super RareNormal Trap Card
SBAD-EN044"Ready for Intercepting"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBAD-EN045"The Forceful Checkpoint"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SBAD-FR001"Magician of Faith""Magicien de la Foi"Ultra RareFlip monster
SBAD-FR002"Apprentice Magician""Apprenti Magicien"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR003"Mystical Elf""Elfe Mystique"Normal Monster
SBAD-FR004"Magical Undertaker""Croque-Mort Magique"Flip monster
SBAD-FR005"Arcane Barrier""Barrière Arcane"Continuous Spell Card
SBAD-FR006"Blade Knight""Chevalier Épée"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SBAD-FR007"Dweller in the Depths""Résident des Profondeurs"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR008"Gilford the Lightning""Gilford, L'Éclair"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SBAD-FR009"Axe Raider""Axe Raider"Normal Monster
SBAD-FR010"Fusion Recovery""Récupération de Fusion"Normal Spell Card
SBAD-FR011"Sonic Bird""Oiseau Supersonique"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR012"Great Phantom Thief""Grand Voleur Fantôme"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR013"Djinn Disserere of Rituals""Démon Jinn, Exorciste des Rituels"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR014"Fulfillment of the Contract""Exécution d'un contrat"Equip Spell Card
SBAD-FR015"Amazoness Trainee""Apprentie Amazonesse"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR016"Robbin' Zombie""Zombie de Robbin"Continuous Trap Card
SBAD-FR017"Zombina""Zombina"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR018"Goblin Zombie""Zombie Goblin"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR019"Sword of Dark Destruction""Épée de la Noire Destruction"Equip Spell Card
SBAD-FR020"Pyramid of Wonders""Pyramide des Merveilles"Continuous Spell Card
SBAD-FR021"Great White""Grand Blanc"Normal Monster
SBAD-FR022"High Tide Gyojin""Gyojin du Raz-de-Marée"Normal Monster
SBAD-FR023"The Legendary Fisherman""Le Pêcheur Légendaire"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR024"Yomi Ship""Bateau Yomi"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR025"Levia-Dragon - Daedalus""Dragon-Levia - Dédale"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR026"Lost Blue Breaker""Destructeur du Grand Bleu"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR027"Fishborg Planter""Cultivateur Poissonborg"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR028"Imairuka""Imairuka"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR029"Slushy""Barbotine"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR030"Power of Kaishin""Puissance de Kaishin"Equip Spell Card
SBAD-FR031"Umi""Umi"Field Spell Card
SBAD-FR032"Big Wave Small Wave""Déferlante et Vaguelette"Normal Spell Card
SBAD-FR033"Water Hazard""Tsunami"Continuous Spell Card
SBAD-FR034"Moray of Greed""Murène de Cupidité"Normal Spell Card
SBAD-FR035"Warrior Dai Grepher""Dai Grepher le Guerrier"Normal Monster
SBAD-FR036"Sonic Duck""Canard Supersonique"Normal Monster
SBAD-FR037"Sinister Serpent""Serpent Sinistre"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR038"Theban Nightmare""Cauchemar de Thèbes"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR039"Infernity Beast""Bête Enfernité"Effect Monster
SBAD-FR040"Ryu Senshi""Ryu Senshi"Effect Fusion Monster
SBAD-FR041"Warrior Elimination""Élimination Guerrière"Normal Spell Card
SBAD-FR042"Mask of the Accursed""Masque du Maudit"Equip Spell Card
SBAD-FR043"Dust Tornado""Tornade de Poussière"Normal Trap Card
SBAD-FR044"Ready for Intercepting""Paré à l'Interception"Normal Trap Card
SBAD-FR045"The Forceful Checkpoint""Le Point de Contrôle Inflexible"Normal Trap Card


  • Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep coming in May 2019
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